Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Aftermath

I hope your Easter was wonderful - with delightfully happy children, a lovely dinner rich with the bounty of Spring, and the love of family! We were alone this Easter. It sure is difficult getting used to celebrating holidays without our DS.

I sat this weekend remembering Easters of years gone by. I remember while growing up, going to church all decked out in our new Easter clothes. That was always so much fun after the long, cold, gray winters of Pennsylvania. One year, as a teen, I was dressed in off white from head to toe. The Jackie Kennedy white pill box hat, the off white heels, and the empire waist off white coat was my Easter outfit. Somehow, I just didn't look like Jackie Kennedy in spite of my new outfit! LOL I think my favorite outfit was the one that was bright orange! I had a gorgeous tangerine colored light wool coat with a very open weave. Oh, how I loved that coat. I added a color matched orange picture hat with a massive brim, orange cobra skin shoes and matching purse. Inconspicuous? Not on your life! Would I do that now? Not on your life! But, I was young and everyone looks good when they are 16 or 17! LOL

So, after reflection of my early Easters, I decided to go through our photos and create a LO in honor of our wayward son. He really isn't wayward. He's happily living and working in the Pacific Northwest. I was given this wonderful brown paper and knew I had to use it for this layout.

It's hard to see in the photo, but DS's cheeks are stuffed to the hilt with candy! He looks like a starving hamster that just found a stash of sunflower seeds! This is primarily why, as a child, DS's baskets always had books, tapes, puppets, and other little items. Candy was there, but only a little bit.

The LO features Scenic Route PP, a walnut stained tag, Thickers alphas, a cute Easter basket charm on the tag, a cellophane wrapped tiny Easter basket in the lower left, and lots of layering. I hope you like it. Here's the LO:


Chocolate for Breakfast

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Morgan said...

Hey stranger, glad to hear you had a nice easter! I have an email for you...

Christina said...

I love that layout!! Love how the colors all go with the chocolate theme.;)