Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Tax Day!!! (only if you get a refund)

Happy National Procrastination Day!!!!!!!!!!Enjoy your tax refunds! I'll be thinking of you as you hold that check in your hot little hands. *grumble*

For about 15 years, I worked as a writer for an international educational publisher, The Education Center located in Greensboro, NC. Oh, the thrill of walking into a teacher store and seeing books that you had helped write (with your name on the title), seeing your activities and units published in their bimonthly publications (with your name on the masthead). I loved writing!

Well, on a lark, I submitted to Basic Grey. I received an e-mail yesterday that my LO was accepted! I was just so surprised! Thank you Basic Grey! I am thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!

How would you like some blog candy? Just leave a comment for today's post. I'll draw a name on April 25! Those of you who have received my RAKs know that I send good ones!!!

I have some layouts to share with you. I hope you like them.

The photo on this LO has much meaning to it. We love it so much. The original photo has huge tears in it as well as scrapes and creases. I had to do a lot of restorative work in order to rescue it! I printed it using sepia tones so that it would contrast nicely with the PP as well as reflect the time of the photo (1920). Gram and Granddad always dressed perfectly as shown in this photo. We miss them very much.



The next photo is of DS wearing a Stegosaurus costume I made for him when he was in kindergarten. It is stuffed with cotton batting and has a long tale with the back plates getting smaller as they go toward the tail tip. I made it in an olive green with cream colored plates. LOL The PP is the new Archaic Line from Basic Grey. To make the frame around the photo, I took a piece of BG paper and soaked it so that I could easily scrunch it up. I let it dry and inserted the photo after applying it to the LO.


What is a Nicholasaurus rex?

I came across this photo the other night and just knew what PP I would use. Keeping with the thief theme, I used the new Sassafrass Lass Whale of a Tale PP. I love that line! There is a companion line for little girls. It is sooo cute and so workable!


Thief of Our Hearts

I hope you had a nice visit. Thank you so very much for stopping by!


Andrea said...

Oh what a sweet dinosaur :)

Martha said...

those are some great layouts... and wtg on submitting to BG.

Denise T. said...

Hey Chris, great blog and LOVED your HSS upload!!! Keep up the good work!

Denise T

CAKVD said...

Hello!!! I love your scrapbook pages!!! They are so much fun! Count me in on the tax day candy!
Cheryl KVD

Gloria Stengel said...

No wonder BG took your LOs. You do great work with their papers!

Gloria Stengel said...

No wonder BG took your LOs! You do awesome work with their papers!

Andrea said...

Hello, trying again to leave you a little blog love - just love that dinosaur layout xx

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Hi, I'm on a quest to visit blogs from 4SS! I LOVE YOUR LAYOUTS! Congratulations on BG accepting your layout!! Is it the dinosaur one? It's fantastic! I'm off to look some more!

P.S. I won one of your challenges on 4SS, and YES, you do send great RAKs! Holy moly! I'm LOVING everything that you sent!

twinsand2boys said...

Hey Chris. I didnt know you wrote for a international educational publisher...thats so awesome. And CONGRATS on the Basic Grey gallery pub.

Twinklescrapbooks said...

Wonderful layouts!!We got a refund and we did ours in January so it was a stress free day! Happy scrapping!:) tina

Nicole said...

Love what you did with that BG Two scoops!

KerryS said...

Loved all the layouts and well done on your submission. My fav has to be the dinosaur one.

Rox-Ann said...

Beautiful layouts.Nice looking blog love your style of writing already got my refund! Love the dinosaur layout!