Sunday, September 16, 2007

And the Emmy Does NOT Go To...

American Crafts! They are on my dirt list! I wrote and told them, too! I was working on a LO the other night. It was all done except for the title. I pulled out my Thickers, selected the Latte font in white, and discovered that they included ONE and ONLY ONE "N" in the package! Now, this wouldn't have been so annoying had there NOT been TWO of the "Q," " Z," " X." There wasn't even a way to create the "N" due to the configuration of the font. Thank goodness I had more packages of that font type.

When I wrote to American Crafts, I stated that if including only one "N" is a marketing strategy, it stinks! I reminded them that they included two of the more obscure alphas. I also shared with them that the letter "N" is used in 47.67% of the words in the English language. Hrrmmppfff!

The weatherman stated that we are finished with the 100° days! Fall is coming to the desert! Thank goodness! DH has four huge potted chrysanthemums by the front door. Each bouquet is about two feet in diameter and about two feet high. There are two yellow and two brown/yellow flower filled pots. They look so pretty. When the weather cools a bit more, I'll hang the fall wreath on the door. I love fall!

Tomorrow (Monday) is a mini lesson, so please come back and see if you'd like to do the layout I am planning to post. I'll be posting in the afternoon as I'll be making it in the morning.

The LO below is of DS and his great grandfather. This was such a special photo, I had to scrap it for DH. Granddad was about 90 when this was taken and passed shortly after. He was very special and so loved.

See you tomorrow for an easy to do layout!

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Alison said...

That is an exceptional layout Chris!