Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two Days in a Row!

How fun, I have more to add to the blog! LOL

I woke up this morning hearing that there was a significant earthquake in northern Nevada. Fortunately, the area has about 1300 residents and all are safe and sound. There was some structural damage to deal with, though. It had a magnitude of 6.0 which does cause damage.

Below are layouts I did using the Petite Kit at 4Scrappy Sisters. I fell in love with this paper and just had fun doing these layouts! I loved the colors in the kit as well as the patterns in the paper. I hope you like them, too!

This photo always melts my heart. DS was always a thinker. He would spend so much time just observing and studying the world around him. I think that interest was instrumental in his being such a geography whiz! He was just over a year old when we would ask him, while viewing the Weather Channel, where states were located. He'd toddle over to the TV and point them out! He's always had that awareness.



Here, we see DS as a really little guy on his first camping trip to Cedar Mountain. Yes, he IS EATING THE FLOWERS! Look at that face! You can tell he knew he was being a stinker! You may not be able to see the dimension on the flowers. They are nicely elevated with many, many pop dots of different widths.


Flower Eater!

The next photo is of DS and DDIL while on a trip to Silver Falls, Oregon. Silver Falls is a wonderful place to visit! I just love the PPs and had to cut the flowers out. They are elevated using varying heights of pop dots.


L "heart" N

I thought I'd throw in this card. I used tiny scraps of paper for the left side. Can you tell I loved the papers? LOL


Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope I've left you with just one inspiring thing! Have a good one!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm Not Being a Slacker, Honest!

Today is 2/20. I haven't blogged in ten days! YIKES! It isn't that I haven't been busy. I have been! For a while there, I wasn't sure if I was coming or going! Now, I have three major projects done! Phew!

The month started off with my feeling behind before I got started. I did my first card making class. I'll post the cards in a couple of days. It went well. I really worked hard preparing all of the supplies to minimize their work and maximize the time in class. Each gal left with a nice selection of cards.

It's raining here tonight. Earlier, we had thunder and an outflow that was really strong. The wind and rain was really strong. I thought hail was hitting the roof. Our house is extremely quiet. I could hear whatever was falling! It's so nice to have rain in the desert.

Here are some LOs I thought I'd share. These were done in January. I had to wait to post until February. I hope you like them. I got the papers through a site, Happy Scrappin' Scrapbooking , which is in Delta, Utah. If you are into Cuttlebugs and Cricuts, this site has a very nice collection of related supplies. I am really into embossing at the current time. Go Provo Craft!

The first one is a shot of Pine Valley Mountain. We can see this from our home, although not from as close as the photo. The snowflakes are rusted metal. I love those! It was perfect with the paper I chose to use. I used chalk to color the bird and did some machine stitching. It's hard to see, but there are crystal snowflakes on the circle as well as the smaller rusted flakes.


Pine Valley Mountain

The next LO features my DDIL. She and DS visited Sequoia National Park. This is a tunnel carved into the base of a tree. Sequoias are so tall. DDIL is 6' tall, and she's just about as high as the opening! I really, really like the diversity of Basic Grey's Figgy Pudding PP. Although it came out for Christmas, the colors are perfect for other situations as well.



The next LO is of my DDIL & DS. They are such cuties. They were flying from Portland to Las Vegas when this shot was taken. I really appreciate their sharing their photos with me. I absolutely Love this PP! For some reason, I was into brown this month, I guess. The flowers are elevated and have lots of dimension. Across the top is pale blue loopy ribbon. I love cutting flowers out. I find it very calming. I also used gold Glimmer Mist on the brown Bazzill cardstock. You can see it sparkling a bit. It sure added a nice dimension to the LO.


L & N

Finally, my last little project was this two inch square laminated pocket calendar. I won't take up space with photos of each month. I did embellish each page as well as machine stitched them. Think SMALL! I heat embossed the aluminum numerals using copper to match the PPs . I also used matching ribbons to hide the metal loop. It's so tiny and handy w/out taking up space.


2008 Two Inch Pocket Calendar

I'll have some more things going up later this week. I'm a bit under the weather and resting is a priority. I think I wore myself down.

Have a good one!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Time Flies!

I feel so relieved! I have been working 10 hours a day for the past couple of weeks preparing for my very, VERY first card making class. I was asked to teach the class for some of the gals in my church. I was soooo intimidated and terrified! I have never taught a class before and had no idea how to proceed. I knew that some of the gals had no experience with scrapbooking or card making. I AM SO NOT A CARDMAKER! I was really freaking out! LOL I didn't know where to begin.

I decided to do all the work myself. I prepared packets for the gals. Inside each packet were six baggies. Each baggie held the makings for one of the cards. I spent days cutting, measuring, hammering, glittering, stamping, gluing, and making envelopes. I wanted it to be easy for everyone to assemble. That allowed time for me to see what the gals would like to do for the next month's class.

The class went so well. I think the gals had fun. I felt so relieved. That old "fear of the unknown" sure gets the best of you if you let it! The ladies were anxious to help and anxious for the March class. I truly loved the fellowship we shared! Here is a peek:


I hope you have a wonderful week!

Blessings to you!