Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When All Else Fails, Scrap!

I'm worried; therefore, I scrap.

I worry about our economy. I worry that those who were supposed to oversee our nation's financial balance had blinders on while those who were instrumental in the downfall of financial institutions were smart enough to NOT leave a paper trail to their off shore accounts while those who provided them with those many, many millions are now without their investments.

I worry about our political future. We have the "Teflon Princess" running for VP. Her speeches are parroted at every speaking event. I hear her putting HER name first and her running mate's name second - a DEFINITE POLITICAL NO, NO! What would Freud say to that? LOL We have her running mate stating that he has a way to end the war. Why is he keeping it a secret? If he has a way to end the war, shouldn't he tell us NOW since we're spending billions daily. Why is he holding back? We have the other presidential candidate, whose wife is conspicuously absent, trying to appeal to the gentle side of humanity by speaking to the throngs in gentle ways. Our country doesn't respond to that type of dialogue. If you go back in our political past, you'll see that when being spoken to, our Presidents (with the exception of Jimmy Carter) were, pretty much, boisterous! Americans "hear" that type of commentary. I am clearly not stating my presidential preference, I'm solely making political observations.
I am worried.

Fall is on its way! The daily temps have fallen below 100°! The leaves at the higher elevations have begun their change from green to gold. I love, love, love Fall! The weather is perfect! We can turn off the A/C and open windows! I'm already planning to make some butternut squash! Yum!

Here are some new layouts I did to keep my feeble little mind active.

This sweet photo of DS is my most favorite of all we have of him. He was our "Special Cargo," as his overalls state. We waited so long for him to come to us. When we finally thought we wouldn't be able to have a child, we did! It was so worth the wait! I used a transparency for the space between the PP and flowers. I thought it was an interesting technique.


Daddy's Angel

The next photo is of DS and DDIL. I printed the photo on a transparency. It looks great in real life, but a bit blurry on the screen. I think it's because the transparency has pulled away from the PP a bit. I love this paper and wanted to use it for something other than a child's layout. Son and daughter-in-law were in Seattle when this shot was taken.


You are So Deer 2 Us

The last LO is of DS when he turned five. He had a group of friends over for a swimming play date. I love this robot PP and just had to make the LO bright and interesting. I had some scrap metal which was pliable enough to be embossed. So, I embossed the flowers! It kept the flowers looking less girly. I covered the chipboard arrow w/ matching patterned paper. I just love bright layouts! This one is going in every direction, LOL!



I was thinking about starting an Etsy store to sell albums like the acrylic wedding album I did (below) and maybe some cards or even a layout from time to time. What do you think about that idea? I just want to make things. I wouldn't do it for the money, I have so much "stuff" that I can't use it fast enough, LOL. Should I?

Thanks for stopping by! Glad you were here!


Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well, I'm back in bed again. My knee is in so much pain that I cannot find a position that doesn't hurt! So, I'm in bed with ice on the top and the bottom. I am frustrated more than ever! Since I started some machine physical therapy, above and beyond the pool therapy, both of my knees are not happy campers. That makes me a not-so-happy camper! I can't sit with my knee bent at the scrap table for more than 15 minutes. That's been my scrapping limit for almost two months now. I'm just not making any headway. The doctor doesn't want to replace the knees. I don't want that either, but I'm getting to the point where the pain is eroding my spirits, too. I would be so happy with bearable pain which would allow me to just be able to DO things. I had to vent. It made me feel a bit better - sort of.

I have some LOs to share. I think I'm going to have to go back to scrapping using the bed tray. Bummer!


A Leafy Seadragon

This photo has been hiding on a disk. I finally found it after looking for it for months! This creature looks like seaweed, but has the characteristics of a sea horse. If you look closely, you can see a horse head shape on the left side. That's the critter's head! You can see the ribs in the center as well. It's legs have the "leaves." I wanted to match the PPs with the photo. I chose to place a piece of vellum over the Two Scoops PP to mute the design and not compete with the photo. Then, I tore the vellum away from the photo. I used grungeboard swirls that looked, to me, like a good match with the design on the paper.


Sweet Cheeks

This LO was fun to do. I remember that we went to Spring Mountain Ranch, outside Las Vegas, for a puppet show. DS was so happy to see Elmo and Cookie Monster! LOL The LO isn't crooked. I just took a bad photo. Everything is nice and straight. I added a strip of Prima black bling to the right side. I got to use up some of the rub ons I seem to hoard, LOL.


Cheeky Monkey

This LO has papers that I've been holding until just the right moment. I found this photo of DS taken when he was six and a T-ball "master" - NOT! He'd be digging in the dirt with a found popsicle stick as the ball would roll by just in front of him. Of course, he was oblivious to the fact that he was supposed to actually GET the ball!!! He was a team favorite after pulling stunts like that! *sigh* I also used some rub ons for the borders of a star and arrow. I have a drawer full of rub ons that I just forget to use! It's difficult to see, but I added touches of red, blue, and black glitter to the LO. The monkey in the star has also been glittered.

Thank you for stopping by. I love that you have taken time to stop and visit.

Have a good one,