Thursday, September 27, 2007

Life is Good

It is a beautiful day! I'm impatiently awaiting cooler temperatures. It's 81° outside. I want to put some fall things outside, but I don't think the adhesive will stay. I picture my door wreath falling like the autumn leaves - one at a time, until there is nothing left but the grapevine base!

I made pumpkin chocolate chip bread the other day. It was yummy and the scent in the house was fantastic! There are certain things that come with fall - pumpkin, spicy scents, oranges, yellows, olives, and reds. It's a toss up with me whether I love Fall or Winter best. There is a fine line separating them in my book. I love each so much.

I did a LO yesterday that is a take off on one below. I did it to show how the same basic format can be modified. The dark color is navy blue, not black. It clearly looks blue IRL. I love the olive with it. If you figured out how to do the one below, you'll be able to do this one in a snap! Don't you just love the Basic Grey Rub Ons? They are so easy to use.

I will select the winner of the Monday post on Monday. That way, everyone who may wish to leave a comment will still get in there! LOL

Have a good one!

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OPEC's Best Friend said...

Where is *my* pumpkin chocolate chip bread? Won't it last two days in the mail?

It feels like winter here. There are high clouds in the sky, it's about 65° with a gentle breeze. When will the rain start, so that the temperatures will moderate a bit? Just a bit?

Lauren said...

What a beautiful LO - that picture is adorable! What a smile!