Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No! No! Hair Removal Unit Review - It's a NO-NO - Unit Problem

Good morning readers,

About four weeks ago, I decided to order the No! No! Hair Removal unit by Radiancy. It took a little over a week to arrive, but I was patient and so ready to give it a try. I wanted it solely for usage on my face. That is something that we, as women, do NOT openly discuss. Yet, we seem to discuss other more personal issues more openly - just look at the television commercials and what they are promoting nowadays!

When my No! No! arrived, I quickly plugged it in and gave it a good charge. After five hours, I wanted to see how well it worked. I was left a bit perplexed. It wasn't actually removing hair. If you think that is how it works, it isn't. The unit was working as the facial hair was reduced to a stubble (hardly soft). I could see the little puffs of smoke each time it singed a hair. I knew that this was a process that would be effective over time. I was prepared to be patient. Over time, the unit is supposed to stop the hair from growing. On my face, it was just burning the hair and leaving a wiry stubble! Thank goodness the hair is blond!

What I began to notice was after two very short strokes with the roller moving the unit forward, the blue light (which means all is well) turned to red (which means you are not doing it right). I'd lift the unit from my skin and repeat the process. Again, blue went to red. I wrote to No! No! about this concern.

Customer service didn't respond right away. I waited a day and wrote again. I began my message with the statement that "...after spending over $300 on a No! No!, I expect to receive a response to my inquiry!" The following day, I received a reply that did not address my primary issue of the red light continually coming on.

I used the No! No! for only two weeks before I needed to recharge the unit. The red light on the unit did not turn off. It was on constantly. The machine doesn't work when the red light is on. Time to charge the unit.

It was then that I discovered that I had inadvertently tossed the charger. UGH! I don't have children to blame for losing the charger, so the only thing I could have done which caused the charger to vanish was that I must have tossed it with the packaging! I promptly ordered a new charger for approximately $40 including shipping. I am now up to an approximate total of $370.00 invested in a No! No! Another week passed with no usage as I waited for the charger to arrive. When I ordered the charger, I also wrote to the company and asked if they might expedite sending the unit since my 60 day free trial period was ticking down. No answer from customer service. No speeding up of the delivery. It took a week via UPS.

Yesterday, the new charger arrived. I charged the unit up once again. After almost six hours, I decided to give it a go. After one 1/2 inch glide, the blue light turned to red. The red light did NOT turn off rendering the unit useless. I turned the unit off and on and repeated the process. I did this about four times before giving up. The No! No! was not working at all.

I decided to do a little experimentation. The instructions stated that if the wire is damaged, the unit will not work. Perhaps I had inadvertently damaged the wire. Since I had never used the wider tip, I decided to give the unit a test using the wider tip. If the wider tip has never been used, the wire would be in working condition. I replaced the facial tip with the wider tip. The result was that the unit immediately went to red again!. That told me the unit had a problem.

I immediately sent off another e-mail asking for someone to call me. I briefly explained the highlights of what I typed above. As of now, no one has called. I will give them until tomorrow afternoon. If I don't hear from them by that time, I will be returning the unit to any address I can find! You see, in all of the information provided, I could not find a phone number or address! If you are considering purchasing one of these, please do make sure you get the contact information. I do have a corporate address that was included in the original box. That will be where I'll return it.

So, in MY experience, the No! No! Hair Removal Unit is a NO-NO! I'm sure it works well since searching Google resulted in many positive experiences of others. I guess I just got a bad unit. It didn't work long enough to see any results. Remember, it only worked for two weeks before dying.

I guess I'm going to invest in laser hair removal. I was so hoping that the unit would meet my needs. And....good luck with customer service!


And Now, the Rest of the Story...

I did receive an e-mail with a telephone number to call which I promptly did. I explained the issues, and Radiancy's customer service representative sent out a new unit. Additionally, I have received a label for mailing back the old one. My 60 day trial period will begin again with the previous weeks erased. So, we'll see what happens. I'm glad that they were kind enough to give me a phone number so that this could be resolved. Stay posted!




I'm so glad you posted this! I was thinking about it, but couldn't seem to find the info that I wanted...I get tired of these companies and not listing ways to contact them that actually work. You would think with all our brains in this world a legit company could actually come up with something that works!!! Go to the online Better Business Bureau and file a complaint, you will get some kind of action ... Hugs! Leah Ann

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Wow! I am glad to have found your post on this too! Have been visiting to check out your beautiful work too!!!

Good luck with this 2nd time around and I hope you are able to post better news. : )

carolyn brown said...

Hi Chris!
I was just looking for No No troubleshooting, when l came across your blog, and discovered just how many people are having the same problems with this product.
And l might add the multi price ranges on the exact same models, it's disgusting, this product should be banned.

P.S my No No only lasted two or three weeks before it constantly stayed on red, thank goodness it was only £69 which is enough but much better than £299 ��