Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tilda says, "Hello" or "Goodbye"

Hello Dear Readers,

I bet you thought I had fallen off the planet? Naw, I'm still here! I have been so busy creating cards! There just aren't enough hours in the day!

Last week was so unexciting. The temps outside were 114° for at least three days. Needless to say, Murphy's Law kicked in and, sure enough, our air conditioner decided to be uncooperative! On Tuesday, it stopped sending out cool air about noon. It began working again about 11 PM and took over two hours to cool down the house! The stinker decided that it would have an encore performance on Wednesday. Remember, it was 114° outside! We called the repair man again who came out in the afternoon. It was then that he gave us the bad news. On Thursday, we didn't have air because it took all day to put in a new unit! Our new baby has a Seer Efficiency Rating of 16 (whatever that means)! It was time. We would have gone to a hotel, but we chose to stay and suffer with our fur babies. Poor little things. They found cool spots on the tile. I worked during the heat. I think it made me more productive! LOL I "Went Ninja" a couple of times on my DH - I did apologize, LOL! I guess the Italian in me kicked in, and my heat tormented short fuse blew!

Are you ready for some cards? The first card I'd like to share with you features our sweet Tilda waving hello or goodbye to someone special who is in the military. Here she is:

I added red foiled cardstock as well as blue glittered cardstock to make the card have that special festive touch. Her hankie has been covered with a microfine glitter to add sparkle. There is also a touch of glitter on her tear.Some of the flowers have been imported from Australia. You can find them at Hooked on Craft.

Here is the inside of the card:

The banner is backed with red foil cardstock while the sentiment is backed with the blue glittered cardstock. I also added tiny red, clear, and blue rhinestones to the corner die cuts.

This time, I chose to complete the back panel of the card. It features a pocket for a personal note. Here it is:

I hope you liked it. Here is the next one to share with you!

The next card doesn't have anything Magnolia on it, so if you don't want to know about it, stop reading here, LOL!

This card features a wonderful line of dies called Die-Versions. Visit their website here to see their gorgeous dies! The die I chose to use is called Precious Cargo. Here is the image:

I made the flowers out of white glittered cardstock so that they sparkle. The center of each flower has a teeny tiny pearl. There is also a hidden tag under the mat.

Here are the inside shots:

The inside is very basic. I just love the embossed stamp carriage in the center of the photo. You can find it here. The stamp is one of a set of four that comes with, not only the four little embossing folders, but the cutting die as well. It is a limited edition. Happy Scrappin' only has a few in stock, so take a peek. It is such a nice addition to a card. I also added tiny pearls to the hub of the wheels. I used imported papers for this card. I fell in love with the softness of the color and had to order some.

Quite a while ago, I had written something that ruffled the feathers of a reader. She sent me an extremely snotty e-mail, which I thought was odd since I didn't know this person. The issue that upset her, in my mind, was something many of us automatically do - do more for others if we can. My husband and I live by that philosophy. People who know us know that we are very caring and giving people. When I ordered this paper, I inadvertently ordered two sets of the paper. Since it isn't sold in the USA, I wrote to the person who had ripped into me and offered her the second pack of paper. It was an effort to extend an olive branch. I just don't like upsetting others. I explained who I was and basically said that we should just agree to disagree. Then, I explained that my purpose in writing was to offer her the second set of paper because I had noticed that she uses that particular brand many times on her cards. She never answered. This sure told me a lot! I don't get it. Why stay in a snit? Life is so short.

Tomorrow, I go in for another eye procedure. This time, it's on my dominant eye. If you are reading this, and would like to say a little prayer, please do. I'm a bit worried that my vision will leave me unable to see at my current level of sight. I'm in the Lord's hands. I hope it goes well. My poor eyes have just been so beaten up by repeated surgeries over the last 20 years in an attempt to save my vision. It's been quite a battle. It's frustrating because I cannot control it.

OK, I've bored you enough! I hope you will come back again! I love your visits and your comments. I treasure each one.

XO, Chris

I would like to enter my cards into the following challenges:

Magnolia-licious Challenge Blog - photo inspiration - ends July 25


Paula said...

Chris, first let em say the 2 cards are fantastic!! I couldn't choose my favorite if I had too. next, you can't please everyone, just be yourself (i'm sure this person was just mad about something and chose you to take it out on) Lastly, definitely saying a prayer for you. I do hope everything goes good and your sight isn't harmed. God Bless you!

Lindy said...

Your cards are beautiful, and I will,say a prayer for you hope everything goes well

Cathy Lee said...

Lovely cards, Chris. Your Tilda is gorgeous and love the coloring. That baby buggy is an awesome creation too, Hun.
Cathy Lee

Paper Tails said...

Beautiful cards! Glad to hear you got your air con. back. I agree with Paula about the person who sent you the snotty email.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope all goes well for you.


Candy said...

Hi Chris,

Both cards are lovely. Don't tell anyone but I really am drawn to your baby card LOL

I want you to know that you will be in my prayers. It is scary when it is your sight involved.

Big hugs, Candy xoxo

Rosie said...

Oh girl, these cards are amazing!! I love them both! Your attention to detail is remarkable! Sorry you have to deal with snotty people. You are the kindest, most caring person with such a giving soul! It's her loss! I will be saying lots of prayers for you. Please le me know how it goes! Love you bunches!!

Jenée said...

Chris, you have me drooling with both cards. They are both absolutely gorgeous!

Jenée said...

Chris, you have me drooling with both cards. They are both absolutely gorgeous!

Doreen Horats, Clayton said...

Sweet cards. Love all the colors.
Blessings Doreen

Anonymous said...

Your cards are an absolute delight Chris, I love the colours and paper on your Tilda card and the baby buggy is just gorgeous, absolutely beautiful! I'm sorry you had to deal with an upset like that, you're right why get in a snit there's enough bad things we can do nothing about, life's too short to carry on like that, It was very lovely of you to offer her the paper anyway. Good luck with your eye procedure, hope all goes well
Hugs Julie P

Jean said...

I adore both your cards Chris, the red, white and blue is so patriotic and perfect for my family and very colorful, but the white and pink carriage card is so sweet and loving that I am just loving it. Looks like you.. I have known you for a long time Chris and I know you would never intentionally upset anyone so whatever transpired was just some kind of mistake of the part of the other person. Forget about it and concentrate about yourself and getting better. Your health and eyes are more important to me than some person who you do not know. Will keep you in my prayers and please let me know when every thing is all better which I know is going to be very soon.
Hugs, Jean

cabio's craft corner said...

Both of these cards are beautiful Chris. The Patriotic is so pretty, not only the front, but the inside is as awesome. Love the way you did the die cuts inside just like the firework. The second card is very precious and delightful. Love the pretty baby carriage cuts :o)

Suzi said...

Fabulous cards Chris, I do love them both equally. I do hope all goes well for you. You are in my prayers.
Suzi x

Ronda Archangelo said...

Beautiful them both! Good wishes out to you and prayers everything goes well with your surgery.

Christy Designs said...

Your both card are beautiful !

Jenz Bitz 'n' Bobs said...

Gorgeous card Chris, I love the Tilda scene and the red white and blue colours. The pink card is really pretty and delicate. Jenny x

Elle said...

Your cards are delightful. I love both of them. Are you sure we aren't living the same life? My air conditioner went out the same way in the same heat only we can't afford to put in a new one this summer. Yikes!

Linda Palmer said...

I want you to know you are in my prayers. I am so glad you got the air fixed. That is too hot to be without AC. Your cards are always amazing. Your coloring is just beautiful and so are both cards. I love the baby carriage as much as Tilda. You did a fabulous job on them both.

Christina C. said...

My goodness, girl, you have been busy creating two total works of art!
Absolutely Tilda waving goodbye to her hero....soooo cute! So many gorgeous elements on this beauty! Also love your beautiful and elegant baby card with all the fabulous dies.....stunning!!
I've been hoping my central air would not decide to's time is just about up!!! Ready for a new unit!
Wishing you a wonderful day!

Kelly Neis said...

Fabulous Cards, Love them all and I will be checking out the die cut website, so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Francy said...

I love the two cards that you made. I love the colours of both card and the embellishments are stunning.

Diana Crick said...

Truly adorable cards Chris. Naturally I am partial to Tilda and what a beauty she is. Your coloring rocks and I love how you incorporated so many different stamps. Love the sparkle.
There are rude people in this world and they seem to enjoy hurting others feelings. You are a warm, incredibly giving person and it is a shame she does not realize this. Her profound loss.
You are always in my thoughts and prayers but I will say an extra one for you.
hugs, Diana

Leslie Turner said...

These are beautiful! Love all the elements! Good luck and hope all goes well for you! :)

Norma said...

Chris, both cards are gorgeous. Love the scene you've created for the Tilda card and the colour scheme. The baby card is very elegant looking. Terrific job on both.
Will say a prayer for you that the eye procedure will go well.

cathylynn said...

WOW Chris two amazing cards! Both unique and oh so beautiful! Looks like you work pretty well when the heat is on! LOL!! Keep cool.
Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

Suzan L said...

Hi Chris, Both of your cards are so gorgeous! I love all the details that you have added to them! I hope your eye procedure went well! I will kept you in my thoughts and prayers!
Big Hugs,