Sunday, August 10, 2014

Magnolia Gypsy Tilda and Her Wagon

Hello Dearest Readers,

Happy Sunday to each of you! We are working our way through August already! School starts tomorrow for the students in my county. Their summer has to have flown by in their minds! When I was teaching, I would go back, on my own, on Aug. 1. I'd get my room all ready for the first day. It would take a little more than a week to get that done. Then, I would stay home until the day we had to report back. I felt as if I was having an extra vacation. It was a way to get my head ready for a new year and its challenges. I so loved the first day of school. The children were always so excited (I didn't say happy, though!) LOL. I would always call them the night before to allay their anxiety. I knew that I could never sleep the night before school started. So, by calling each child, I was able to, hopefully, make them feel less anxious.

I have a card to share with you today. It took me a long time to make this card. I think it took four days, but it was my fault. I wasn't happy with the way I colored the wagon, so I did it over a couple of times before I got what I hope is just the right coloration on it. I used Gypsy Tilda from the Pink Lemonade Collection. You can find this stamp and other wonderful products at Magnolia-licious. I just love the Pink Lemonade Collection. The images are just adorable.

OK, back to my card! I fell in love with the Gypsy Tilda image. She won my heart right away. I had this little wagon stamp just waiting to be paired with a stamp and along came Gypsy Tilda! It was a match made in Heaven, don't you think?

I also needed something on which Tilda could sit. This presented a problem in that I didn't have a wooden stool! I thought I had one. Well, I do NOW! I did something sacrilegious! I cut a stamp apart to get the stool! **GASP** I had Santa's Wishful Bench which had the stool and the lectern paired up. The stool was just what I needed! So, out came my scissors and in one snip, I had my stool to be used whenever I wish! Tah Dah! LOL

I used gorgeous Pion papers. I knew, right away which paper I wanted to use for the front. The forest scene background was a perfect backdrop for my painted images. I couldn't cover up the beautiful artwork of the Pion paper. It is just too pretty to cover with embellies. I tried to minimize the extras so that the scene would stay intact with Tilda being the center of focus. The flowers look red in the photo, but they have more magenta in the little beads. It does match her shirt. My cameral liked red better! OK, here she is:

Tilda has glittered accents - the crystal ball, her scarf, her sandal buckles, her cuffs on the shirt and pants, her beaded waistband, the beads hanging from her scarf. She sparkles so sweetly! The sentiment is computer generated. I spent some time thinking of an appropriate sentiment and came up with this. After all, Gypsies are known to do fortune telling.

The interior panels are also finished in matching Pion papers, die cuts, lace, and gems.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you like my card! Let me know what you think!




Christina C. said...

OMGosh, I looove this card, Chris. Yes, indeed, the wagon is perfect with this image! The sentiment is perfect as well. A most gorgeous creation...BRAVO!

Barb Hardeman said...

Beautifully done Chris! Absolutely ADORABLE! The wagon is so RIGHT for this sweet Tilda! Love how ingenious you were about the stool...hey, it works for you, that's all that matters! You can pair the set up if needed in the future. Great decision about the paper...its perfect and needed few embellies! I too say BRAVO!!

Lilou Blanche said...

elle est splendide

the hitchings family usa blog said...

stunning card after looking through your blog which i have fallen in love with and have book marked i can honestly say all your cards are beautiful love your bucket of fun things to do and am going to have to have a go;)keep up the great work and inspiring people xxx

Anonymous said...

Your gypsy wagon is just perfect! What a pretty scene you've created, beautifully done
Hugs Julie P