Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Flower Tilda Celebrates YOU!

Hello Dearest Readers,

Happy last day of June to each of you! I don't know what the temps have been like where you live, but they are REALLY hot here in the desert southwest. We have already hit 45° C. and June isn't over yet! July and August are our hottest months! Ugh! Somebody tell me to "chill out," OK?

I have an interesting tale to tell. Have you heard the term "Killer Bees" before? If not, they are bees that are extremely aggressive and capable of killing a human w/multiple stings as they swarm their victim. Sometimes they are called "Africanized Bees." Their origin is due to a scientific mistake. Well, they are becoming more and more prolific in the desert southwest by taking over the hives of the gentle honey bee and changing the genes of the gentle honey bee so that most bees, here, have now become more and more aggressive. They are scary little critters as they work as an aggressive group.

This week, I noticed that there were bees using the hummingbird feeder. They were drinking from the openings to get the sweet nectar I had made for the birds. I did some reading and learned that my hummingbirds will leave the area because they feel the bees are an annoyance. I didn't want to lose my hummingbirds. The article suggested bringing in the feeder for a while and replacing it later with diluted nectar so the bees would go away. I chose to do that. After the feeder came in, I noticed one bee - then two - five, ten, 25! As the bee number increased, the bees became more frenzied. I safely watched from my scrap room window. The bees were crazy! They swarmed where the feeder had been hanging! The frenzy went on for a very long time. They were mad! As the afternoon went on, the bees kept returning to see if the feeder was back. Today, I haven't seen any bees yet. Tomorrow, I will call the county and report what I observed. If there is a hive in the trees behind us, it could be dangerous to the children playing in the area, the gardeners who come and do the yards, pets, or any other living creature - especially those who create noise as the Killer Bees do not like the noise of machines such as lawnmowers. Happy Summer! LOL, LOL!

Today is Team B's turn to reveal their inspirational creations. The theme at the Magnolia-licious Challenge Blog is

All that Flutters - Things with Wings

I have chosen to use Summer Flower Tilda from the Summer Memories Collection. I think she is so sweet! I love her wings! Here is the front of my card:

Isn't she adorable? I wanted to make the card a girly girl card. I think I achieved that nicely. I didn't overdo the flowers as I wanted the focus to be on this sweet image of Tilda. I kept it simple in design. I did add a touch of sparkle to her wings. I love the colors of the pink, white, and celadon. Here is a shot of the interior:

Again, the interior has been tastefully done with matching papers in soft, "ice cream colors." I've added some Magnolia butterfly die cuts, pearls, a hidden tag, ribbon, and charm. The card turned out so sweetly.

This card is for sale, along with others, in my Etsy Shop!

Thank you for stopping by.

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I hope you will return again very soon!




Suzi said...

Stunning card Chris, what a fabulous choice of Tilda. Love all the pinks and your inside is gorgeous. Hugs Suzi x

lvtaz2000 said...

Beautiful card. What a treat to receive for someone.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your card....so sweet. Tilda is the cutest!!! Love the dies you used, as well. I'm a die addict. LOL TFS your talent. Jan D., Florida

Candy said...

What a marvellous card, Chris!! Love this sweet Tilda. Your colouring and designing are wonderful.
Great sentiment on the inside :o)
Big Hugs, Candy

Paper Tails said...

So lovely, Chris!


Mary said...

Beautiful card!

Nancee Purdum said...

What a cute card Chris! Love the colors!