Saturday, January 26, 2008

How Do You Spell MEOW?

Oh my goodness. DH and I were just watching the preview show to the Miss America Pageant. Now, we haven't watched this event in years and years. We were shocked at some of the cattiness displayed by the contestants! It was interesting to just watch the interactions, the way the camera played to the same women, the way that some of these gals didn't know the words to our National Anthem! Many didn't know "God Bless America," but that isn't our national anthem so they, in my humble opinion, are forgiven. Yikes! I'm glad I had a son, LOL! I hope the final pageant event is more...authentic?

I did a LO the other day and used part of a laser cut sheet of numerals. Well, when DH saw the remaining portion, he said, "You should make a layout with that and call it 1, 2, 3, 4 like the MAC commercial (sung by Feist)." So I did! However, I did it with a twist. This is your technique lesson for today. Who needs a HS Mask? LOL Here it is:

Using a Laser Cut as a Mask

Materials Needed::

Glimmer Mist in at least two colors. I used gold and a deep red
tape or other adhesive
laser cut segment (mine was left over from another LO)


1 Using your piece of laser cut, secure it to your background CS so that it is flat.
2. Spray the lighter color of Glimmer Mist over the mask and cardstock.


3. Spray your contrasting color of Glimmer Mist in the areas of your preference.


4. Allow to dry. I used my heat embossing tool to expedite the process.
5. Trim down to fit your desired size.


6. Glue to your cardstock.


7. Finish your layout. That's it!

Here is the final layout:

One, Two, Three, Four Tell me That You Love Me More


I really like the end result. It was a great use of the left over laser cut. It was so little effort as well!

Thank you for stopping by! I've missed not blogging!



twinsand2boys said...

Cute layout and great technique!!!

Lauren said...

I love this Chris! You should submit this one. Isn't your dh clever;)

Morgan said...

Oh my gosh, that's totally awesome! I love your layout, so cute!

bruinbr said...

this is so cool! Very cute lo too! :)

Veronica said...

Don't yuou just love the glimmer mist. This is just fantastic and I am going to try it.

Karen Reichel said...

What a great idea Chris!