Monday, January 14, 2008

A Cute Mini Album Idea

You know how you walk through stores and think, "How can I use this in scrapping?" Well, Staples was my new best friend!

I saw the badge holders and thought, "Aha, this would work." I bought a package of 10 for just under $6.00. I chose the horizontal ones rather than the vertical ones.

The next thing was to use scrap paper from my scrap box. I went through my old stickers and pulled anything that might be useful. Lastly, I used fibers to dress it up. I know, I know - fibers? Why not ribbon? Well, I just like the festive look of the fibers.

Think of the possibilities for this. You could decorate it and slip a gift card or two inside to give as a gift. It would have made a great stocking stuffer for Christmas, too (thanks, Morgan). It would also make a great brag book for Grandma. It's just small enough to be perfect for those school photos that come in the smaller sizes.

If you are interested, the directions are at Crop Addict. Just click the link on the right: Here it is:


Badge Holder Album

Have a good one!


Lauren M. said...

That's too cute! I had a similar idea for a mini book made out of clear plastic luggage tags.

Morgan said...

It turned out great!!!

Veronica said...

chris this is great. I love it

Veronica said...

I would love to see more of your stuff. totally amazing

Aida Haron, Singapore said...

Hi Chris, thanks you for the message at Made With Love ! You have a lovely blog, beautiful pages !!! Yes I can well believe it's cold in Utah ..... it's HOT here. Wanna swop homes for abit ? LOL