Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Friday!

Without further ado, the winner of my RAK is KerryS. Kerry, would you please e-mail your address to me? Kerry has won the much coveted Fiskars Threading Water Border Punch! I'll have another RAK in the near future so come back again!

Things here have been hectic. I've been working on four major projects - two are alteration projects, the third is planning National Scrapbook Day activities, and the last is preparing for my monthly card making class! I have to tell you about my alteration projects. One is a little carrier that I'm doing using the Basic Grey Archaic Line. I love my dinosaurs!

The second project is altering a bra! Yes, you read that right. I'm altering a bright red bra! This is for a challenge, LOL. My sweet husband was at Wal-Mart to get some things. He knew I needed a bra for the challenge, so he, without my asking, picked one up. He called me to tell me what he had done and was laughing his head off. I said, "I bet you bought a 36 D!" DH looked at the bra and was just roaring - he HAD BOUGHT THE 36 D!!! What is it with men and boobs? LOL Well, I told him how much I appreciated what he had done and then asked if he might go back and exchange it for a B cup because it would take a lot more embellishments to cover a D cup than a B cup!!! LOL I just love my husband!

The third project is preparing cards for my card making class which is quickly approaching. Shhhh - don't tell the gals in the class, but we're making cards that will work for a wedding (June is a high volume month) as well as graduation. We'll use nice black, white, cream, and grey as the colors. I hope it goes well.

I had a very sad thing happen - nothing serious, but still sad to me. My e-mail program was acting up. We only have Apple computers. The ISP companies generally do NOT know a lot about Apple computers. To make a long, sad story a short, sad story, in the process of establishing a new connection with my e-mail address, I lost 183 messages that were in my In box and 37 messages that were in my drafts box. I was sick, physically sick. In my in box were all the e-mails with photos that our DS had sent from his adventures in the Pacific Northwest. I kept them there because I could quickly review them and then scrapbook them. They are gone. In my drafts box were all messages I wanted to keep safe. That wasn't very safe since they, too, are now gone! Let's see, that was on Tuesday afternoon. Today, Friday, is the first day the black cloud isn't hanging over my head. They are gone and there is no way of retrieving them. Oh well.....

Here are the photos for one of my projects. I called this my Quiet Carrier for Church. Little boys tend to get restless at times during services. So, using the Basic Grey Archaic line (fibers, paper, stickers, rub ons, chipboard stickers, Grime rub ons), I created this little carrier. It holds 4 mini containers that are compartmentalized. Perfect for tucking some Cheerios, little toys, or other little goodies to help keep a little man quiet as long as possible. I hope you like them!


Quiet Carrier for Church - FRONT


Quiet Carrier for Church - BACK

Once again, congratulations to Kerry S. Thank you - ALL of you for stopping by my blog. I do so appreciate your visits. I love your comments even more.

Have a good one,



Alison said...

Wow! These are absolutely ADORABLE!!

TanishaRenee said...

the first time I saw the archaic line I thought of you! great project and I'd love to see that altered bra!

P.S. guess who's here- I have some pics on my blog!