Monday, May 5, 2008

It's May!!!

How was your National Scrapbook Day? I was busy all day helping scrappers work their little tushies off! We had a lot of fun! I've included some photos below of the challenges we did.

Nothing much is new. I did have two layouts accepted into the Basic Grey Gallery. I don't know if I've shared that before. I am sooooooooo excited that they've selected two! I'm still playing with the Archaic line. It was made for this dinosaur freak! I love everything about it! I picked up some Boxer, Sultry, and Sugared to play with as well. After my card making class, I'll get busy playing with those.

I have a lot of LOs to share. I hope you don't mind my sharing them. If my son is reading this, yes, that is your father modeling the bra! It was HIS idea to put on the chain!

Here are the layouts:

The first photo is of a bra we had to alter for a NSD challenge. We had so much fun doing this challenge! Even DH got into it - Literally!!!!


Altered Bra

The next LO was my take on another challenge recipe. I used navy blue as the background color. I just loved the colors on the PP. They are my colors - bright, warm, and happy!



The next LO was based on a sketch given to our site by Becky Fleck for NSD. The yellow color just looks yucky! It is such a soft yellow. You'd never know it, though! This is DS when he thought it would be cute to crawl into the lower basket of his changing table. LOL Silly goose! Am I a trendsetter? I punched a border along the three photos using the Fiskars Threaded Water Punch. Maybe I've cone up with a new idea!



I wanted to use the new Boxer line. I loved the colors of the PP with this photo. I do NOT like how the green alphas look. They are just lost in the photo while IRL they look fine because they have a glittered surface. This is my dream home. If I could build one just like it, I would in a heartbeat! I think DH would also go along with me on this one. This lovely home is located in the West Hills area of Portland, OR. It is what I've always called, "My Hobbit House." The round windows are clear glass, but segmented like stained glass. Embedded in the cuts is a huge spider web. Everything is just so special about this home. Look at the lines of the roof.



Thank you so much for stopping by. I am always delighted to have visitors!

Have a good one,


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twinsand2boys said...

Looks like you got a lot done on NSD! WTG! Looks great!