Monday, February 2, 2009

Peanut Butter Recall

OK, here is the greatest product around. It's called PB2 - and made by Bell Plantation. What is it? It's peanut butter powder (and it comes in chocolate peanut butter)! All you do is add water to make a paste to use. It has 85% less fat calories than regular peanut butter.

With the current peanut butter recall, I decided to contact the FDA as well as Bell Plantation to ask if their product was safe. Would you believe I actually got a response from the FDA giving PB2 the green light? I was stunned. I figured Bell Plantation would say their product was safe, but I never thought the FDA would take the time to answer.

Now, on another topic. There is some sort of number that Feedjit (the box on the right) applies to blogs. The title, "Today's Top Blogs in Washington County," ranks blogs by something I don't understand. Today, I went to the link and got to page 40 something and never saw my little blog. However, topics like "My Milky Orange Cabbage," "Things to do with Pudding," "Chicken Chimichangas," and "Suzie's Pretty Hair Bows" managed to be on pages before I gave up. What's with that?

So, please pass my blog on to the universe! LOL Maybe, then, I'll wind up on page 25 or 26! LOL.

I just had to whine.

Love ya,


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