Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Tribute to Our Daughter-in-Law

We never had a girl. Lord knows we tried to have more children, and a girl would have been so nice. She would truly have been Daddy's little girl. I always felt that the reason why God gave mothers two hands was one for each child. Our son has been our joy and source of much pride. Our daughter-in-law has been a blessing.

Let me tell you about her. She is brilliant. She has her Masters in English. Can you imagine reading all those boring books? Yet, she did and found life and love in each of them let alone meaning I could never find. Our precious daughter-in-law is beautiful! She has the most gorgeous smile, perfect teeth, and eyes. When she applies her make up, she could stop traffic! She is humble. She doesn't know how gorgeous she is! The thing is, she's lovely inside and out. She is a tender heart. She has much love and sweetness. She is such a good sport, tolerates our darling son, and loves to do adventurous things with him. Our daughter-in- law is tall - enviable tall. How would it be to be able to reach things higher than the first shelf in our kitchen cabinets, LOL?

We are so proud to have this wonderful woman as part of our family. Our family is better because of her. She is a jewel and we love her dearly. XOXO

I want to share two layouts I did of her and for her. Here they are:


Absolutely Fabulous

Thank you, Kerry, for sending me this beautiful paper! When it came in the mail, I had no idea what photo I would use. Then, yesterday, while going through my e-mails sent by DS (darling son), I found this beautiful photo our our DDIL (Darling Daughter-in-Law). Thank you for sending the paper to me. I love it!


Beautiful You

This photo was lovely in color, but I chose to print it in sepia so that it would blend better with the layout.

Darling daughter-in-law, thank you for joining our wacky family. Know that you are loved by all of us - including our two furry friends!




Annita said...

wow wow wow wow wow wow these two layouts are absolutely STUNNING... wow Chris !!
I am a fan... not the stalking kind ;-)

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's so sweet! What nice pictures! Thanks for all you've done for us as we've started this new adventure. Thanks for thinking of me.

Anna said...

Chris these LO's are totally gorgeous !

Kerry said...

Glad the paper arrived safe and sound, layout looks fab, as alway.

Michelle said...

Awesome layouts as always!!