Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Days are Better Than Others

I'm in my comfy chair with the footrest up. I have Precious between my lower legs. She's all snuggled in and sleeping soundly. She's been there most of the day as I have been - sitting in my comfy chair.

Some days are just better than others! I am so blessed. Things that affect me could be much more serious than they currently are. We went to the dentist yesterday. I got an A+. I love clean teeth. I also know that it's been said that if you keep your mouth very clean, the chances that your arteries are also very clean is very good. I hope that's true in my case!

I have glaucoma. I also have an auto immune disease that is attacking my eyes. Things have been so good, but last week, I noticed a blurring in both eyes. I can see better without my glasses, but not perfectly. I have floaters that look like jellyfish, black spots, and hair impeding my vision. I have a bag filled with eye glasses because I just never know which pair will work which day! I did find a pair that has helped with the up close vision. I need to make my appointment to get in to see the doctor. I wish my Las Vegas opthamologist had a branch office here. I miss him. He was the best in Las Vegas. I feel like I'm getting cataracts, but I've already had them removed and implants put in. The meds caused the cataracts. It's been such a struggle. Throughout all of this mess, I've really tried to stay positive. I am just in a slump right now, I guess. I worry that I'm going to lose my eyesight. That makes me want to scrap faster all the more.

I did a couple of layouts this weekend. They aren't very fancy. I had to work BIG! Not much detail on either one. It was just too difficult. Here they are:


You Stole My Heart

It's hard to see, but under the black rhinestone key are small rhinestones that spell "heart." I also added pale orange rhinestones to the scalloped Crate paper edge. I am trying to use up the BG Ambrosia I bought. I bought soooooooooo much in addition to all the accompanying goodies - buttons, chipboard, stickers, stamp, brads...

This layout is of me. I've had the pink scalloped paper for years and decided to cut it up, LOL. That was really hard as I really love papers with the scalloped edge. The background cardstock is a beautiful pale green. The photo just didn't pick it up. It looks like an ugly gray green in the photo. I don't know why the camera didn't like the cardstock. I added some bling here and there and painted some wooden flourishes. It looks so much better IRL. LOL Note the sunglasses. They were a birthday, Mother's Day, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas, be nice to Chris gift, all wrapped up in one. I have never had expensive sunglasses and my getting these was an accident! These are sunglasses that movie stars buy! My sweet husband was there when the gal told us the price. I tried not to choke. My sweet husband said, "That's fine. We'll take them." That was three years ago. They are still in perfect shape (but I think I'm afraid to wear them all the time). I should journal how I got them and add it to the layout.


Love Yourself Wholeheartedly

Gosh, I feel happier after writing about the sunglasses purchase. That was so funny! I couldn't even find my voice when the gal asked me if I wanted them (after she said the price.) DAH! **choke, choke** Move over Paris Hilton!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I so love that you cared enough to visit. I'm almost to 5,000 hits!

Come back soon!




kerryS said...

Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your eyes, it hasn't affected your mojo though, the LO's are great as usual. Particularly the heart one

TanishaRenee said...

Hi Chris!! I'm so happy to hear from you! Sorry to hear about what's going on with your eyes- hope everything works out for the best! I've missed seeing your beautiful creations!

I'm going to make sure to link you up to my blog so I can visit!

Take care,