Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Funner" is NOT a Word!

I cannot believe that a day goes by when I don't hear someone use the pseudo word "FUNNER!" Who is teaching that this is a word? Whomever you are, STOP USING IT! My gosh! They are using it as a verb. OK, here are the three principal parts of the verb FUN - fun, more fun, most fun. That's it! I am hearing it on TV, in stores, and reading it on blogs. Maybe it is a regional thing. I don't know. All I know is that when we hear it, my DH and I just groan! OK, enough. (I just had to get that off my chest - or mind)

I am so sorry I have been so delinquent on my blogging. I have been really busy. During the month of February, at Happy Scrappin' Scrapbooking, we had a sketch-a-thon. We had sketch after sketch each week to use as a guide for layouts or cards. I was having vision issues, but managed to get a ton of stuff done! Then, I need to make sure my DT uploads are ready by the second Tuesday which is also the same day lovely gals from my church come to visit. I like to have something ready for them each month, so I've been working my heart out!

It is beginning to look like spring outside. Our fruitless trees are just ready to show their blossoms. The temps are in the 70s. It's going to be another LONG summer - they always are in the desert.

I have some layouts to share. I hope you like them, too. Here they are.

Granted, happy little bees flying around on the paper is not quite an age appropriate match with the photo, but I just HAD to use this adorable paper. It is one of the first papers I bought when I started scrapping a couple years back, LOL. I saved it because it was too cute to cut up. Well, I gave in and cut it up only after I realized I had four sheets of it, LOL. There is lots of layering on this LO of DS. I miss you, Son!


Bee-You-Tee-Ful You

These are my two guys. We were out to dinner at a great restaurant that is no longer here. There was a horrible reflection off the background because of some metallic fibers, so I chose to print it in black and white.

This paper is My Mind's Eye which is available at Happy Scrappin' Scrapbooking. You cannot tell from the photo, but the large owl in the upper left is three-dimensional. I purchased four of the owls, cut them apart, and they placed them layer upon layer with pop dots separating each layer. It looks great IRL. Also, the branch in the lower left is part of a transparency which I cut and turned sideways. This new Penny Lane line is fantastic as so many parts work well together. Check it out!

Birds of a Feather

A few years ago, when our son was still living at home, we were under the threat of snow. Our DS asked me how he would know that it is snowing while he was in bed. I explained to him that it will get very, very quiet outside. Well, at 1:30 AM, he came into our bedroom and woke us up to tell us there was a lot of snow outside. DH told us to get up and get dressed. We drove around Las Vegas until 5:30 AM just having fun in the snow and looking at all the different features of the city covered in snow. We weren't the only ones at the park at that time of the morning, either! Wherever we went, there were others out and about! It is such a fun memory. This is snow falling in the beam of the Luxor Hotel. The journaling is on the large tag under the photo.

The alphas in the title are all the metallic aqua blue if the "S." They reflected the light of the flash. Sorry about that! Also, the felt snowflakes are covered with a thin layer of silver fabric. I added matching snowflake brads and gems.


Snow Much Fun

I just couldn't get the colors of this LO right when I took the photo. The green did not like the camera. This is one of the designs I did from a sketch. I just had fun!


My Sweetie

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'll have some cards to upload tomorrow!

I am so glad you've visited. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!



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Annita said...

okay first of... even I know funner is not a word...
LOVE your layouts. you are a very talented photographer !