Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time Heals All Wounds, Right?

Well, it's been a week since our beloved K2 left us. The house is much quieter and there just seems to be a feeling that there is a gap inside these walls. I look for him from time to time. I've thought I've seen him running from the kitchen to the bedroom twice. I know he wasn't there. Precious is all alone now. We adopted her when K2's sister, Annapurna, passed away. We didn't want K2 to be alone. He was such a grumpy old man - a curmudgeon! Poor Precious would attempt to play with him and the old guy would just look at her and find a spot where she couldn't jump on him. Annapurna left us two years ago. We had almost lost her two years before that, but our amazing vet did some sort of a process by filtering her blood (I think that's what he did) and gave her two additional years with us. She was adorable. She loved king crab! If she could eat it every day, she would. Needless to say, because we wanted to keep her well, we did feed her a LOT of king crab! There were always crab legs in the freezer! When her appetite would wane, I'd pull out a claw and feed her (and me) the meat! LOL K2 and Anapurrna were just the best animals. I'd like to think they lived so so long because of the years and years they had their morning vitamin. I've bored you enough!

I haven't scrapped much this week. It's been very hard on my right knee. For some reason, the femur has decided to slip out of the knee joint. It hurts until it goes back in. Sitting is impossible! When it is out of joint and I go to sit, the bone just digs in a place it's not supposed to be. I'm afraid it'll break a hip! Luckily, in the morning, when I get up, the bone has gone into place. So, the only thing I've done this week is color a stamped image.

Here are two layouts for you.

I had fun with this LO! Remember when all of us were very young and had nice bodies? Check out the slim and trim DH I had when we first married! I just HAD to give it the title, "Stud Muffin!" The funny thing is that DH didn't object! LOL


My Stud Muffin

The next LO is of DS one winter when we headed up the Pacific Coast to Santa Barbara. While driving, I spotted these flowering bushes. Would you like to know what they are? They are poinsettias! This is what they look like when they are able to grow and thrive! Gorgeous, huh? I just loved this PP and thought that it would be perfect for a boy themed LO.


You Make My Heart Go Whirrrrr

If you need any of the new whitewash core'dinations, you HAVE to visit HAPPY SCRAPPIN' SCRAPBOOKING Sharon, the owner DOES mail internationally, too! Also new to the store are the Colorbox Smooch paints! She's got great things in stock. Stop by and take a peek!

Thank you for stopping by! You must know how much I just love visitors!




jamie said...

at Chris, i hope your knee wises up soon ;)

Annita said...

I know all too well how hard it is to loose a beloved pet, hang inthere it's gonna get easier.
great layouts, Love the stud muffin one too cute, what does Mark think about the layout ?

Lindy-Loo crafts said...

Great LOs as always Chris. Sorry to hear your knee is playing up again, I hope it improves soon

Roxannd said...

welcome to lpsc. I will be following your blog too.