Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I've Been Delinquent!

I cannot believe I haven't made time to update my blog! I don't think it's because the novelty has gone. I'm hoping it's because I've been busy - well, my kind of busy!

34 years ago, on this day, I met my DH! He was just finishing up his Master's Degree and I was just starting my Master's. Little did we know, at that time, that we would marry six months later! We started out as friends. Who knew! I love you my sweet DH! Thank you so much for putting up with me!

I am just having so much fun making some new layouts to share. I hope you like them.

The first LO features a Hambly overlay. It is supposed to be a vine, but to me, it looks like a perfect wave! I backed it with blue paper so that it would look even more like water. What do you think?



The following layouts are using the new BG Lime Rickey.

This is DS just after he was born. I saw Kelly Goree's LO and thought it was so gorgeous! I just had to do one like it!



The next photo was taken at the Portland, Oregon Rose Garden. The photo was taken in June or July - and it was cold! Coming from the desert to the Pacific Northwest was always enjoyed! We had to wear our coats! Love, love, love it! The paper is Basic Grey's Lime Rickey. I saw the use of puzzle pieces on a layout in a gallery somewhere and thought they'd look cute covered with the PP. The idea of the LO isn't mine, but I so admire what the gal did.



Next, we have the typical face of a child who was serious only for the moment the camera clicked! He usually smiled, so who knows what he was thinking. DH and I decided to document some of the typical things we heard over and over at this age. An example was: "I don't HAVE homework!" Ummm, yes he did. He just chose not to do it! How about one we've all heard - "I DID clean my room." Of course you did...(NOT). Gotta love him! Again, I used the Lime Rickey. This time, however, I decided to have the backing be in white.


Nicholasisms @ 7

Finally, we have DS with a cheeky smile! He is with his two most favorite things in the whole world - Pillow and Jeff. Yes, he named the pillow, "Pillow." I think this is Jeff #2. He loved Jeff #1 to death and I made #2 and #3 to last him until he found a girlfriend. LOL He was never without these two snugglies.


Having Fun?

Thanks for stopping by. I promise I won't take so long to blog again! I do love your visits and hope you will return!




Annita said...

wooohooo COngrats to you and Mark He is such a lucky guy;-)
Love your layout as usual...

Jamiecrafts said...

looks like water to me, great LO's