Saturday, July 11, 2009

Magnolia Tilda Stamp Storage

Several gals have inquired as to how I store my collection of Magnolia Tilda stamps. I thought I would take a photo and explain how I've managed to keep things all at my fingertips. Here is my collection:

Shortly after I started collecting these little gems, I quickly realized that there had to be a way to keep track of them in such a manner that I can view each stamp. I decided that since I safely store my scrapbook layouts in page protectors, why not my stamps? I began by stitching a grid on each page protector. All pages hold at least 12 stamps while other pages hold more, as many as 24 depending on the pocket size and contents. I tried to customize the little pockets to fit the stamps. Then, using my Xacto knife, I carefully cut a slit across the top of each pocket. This allows me to slip the stamp in and out.

Each stamp still has its backing on it to protect the stickiness. Also, when I've stamped an image, I always stamp a second which is then cut out. I store the stamped image behind the stamp so I can see what the stamped image looks like. I also have written the name of each stamp on a strip of paper so I can see that information just as easily.

It sure has been a great system for me. Maybe it'll help some of you!

Have a good one! Thanks for stopping by!




Jamiecrafts said...

that's a great idea, sadly i do not have any tilda stamp... YET!

Annita said...

wholey crap girl... wow... will think of you next week when I am in the magnolia store ;-)

hugs annita

Bonnie Weiss said...

You sure love your Tilda's ... that is one 'dirt-load' of them!!!!

Christina C. said...

I love your idea!!! I store mine in plastic containers according to collection.

HandmadebyTLC said...

Well you have me beat but I know what to do now, thanks for sharing!
sharing Tammy

Lori said...

Fabulous storage Chris! Thanks for reposting!!!

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

What a fab idea! I've been looking for protector sheets with lots of pockets to store my stamps but never found the right ones. I never thought of making my own with scrapbook page protectors. TFS! I'm totally going to do this.


Junebugpins said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I am starting to get over run with Tilda and Edwin and need to get brave and take them out of the pink stripe packing so I can see what I own! lol
Your so sweet to share!