Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Hundred and Stupid!

When the temperature outside exceeds 110° my DH and I lovingly call it "A Hundred and Stupid!" It's just too hot outside to even think clearly! We went through that this weekend. It was just too hot! Hopefully, that was our one and only horribly hot spell. We usually get one scorcher each summer. Be gone summer heat!

Here are a couple of layouts I've done, as well as a card. I had fun with the card. The flower is made of layer upon layer of tissue paper that I cut using my Nestie dies. Then, I ran the whole collection through my Cuttlebug to add even more texture! LOL The photo is not very good. It's been cloudy and breezy outside, so I had to use artificial light. The ribbon w/ the stripe is pink w/ an olive stripe that matches the PP perfectly. I also used my pastels to lightly touch the edges of the layers to give more dimension. Whadda think?

Tissue Flower

Tissue Flower Card

The next LO was done with June Bug as well. I wanted the feel of the LO to match the feel of the photo. No, DS wasn't really going to kiss the fish. The next photo in the collection is of DS sticking his finger in the fish's mouth to feel the teeth. LOL. This was the first fish DS ever caught. He was confined to a playpen. I tossed in his line and let him do the rest. Well, DS eventually got bored. The day went on. When we were packing up to go back to camp, DH reeled in the line and this fish, poor baby, was exhausted and hooked! Years later, we still remember that day!


Real Boyz Kiss Fish

The next photo is of DDIL and DS. I thought their photo was just so adorable. DH took the photo in Nachotta, Washington. For years, we ate at a restaurant there called The Ark. The Ark now has new owners, but the previous, AMAZINGLY TALENTED, owners have a new restaurant called, Jimella's. If EVER you are on the Long Beach Peninsula, please visit Jimella's. Her gift for beautiful, delicious food is the best! She's even cooked for President Bill Clinton. We started eating at The Ark when DS was about 4. We never, EVER had a bad meal. Chef Jimella would always prepare Salmon Lucas just for DH! I should post a shot of that meal for you to see.



We had the sweetest little beach house on the Oregon Coast until a couple of years ago. Fortunately, we sold it before the real estate market sunk lower than the Marianna Trench! DH and I miss the beach terribly. We love Neskowin - the greens, the hills, the beach. We'll go back eventually. Afterall, we have our house contents in storage! Well, after a storm, the beach sand was eroded by about 10 feet and exposed this ancient forest of tree stumps! They have been dated to the time of Christ! How many times we walked on sand that had these ancient treasures buried beneath our feet! How cool is that?


Neskowin's Ancient Trees

And here is a link to something hilarious that happened years ago on the Oregon Coast. If you haven't seen it before, please take the time to view it and LISTEN - LISTEN ALL THE WAY TO THE VERY END...*giggle* It's NOT rain fall you are hearing... (scroll down)

Exploding Whale

Are you done laughing yet? Is that hilarious or what? I love what was said about the seagulls not being enticed to scavenge.

Well, that is my contribution for the time being. I hope each of you has a wonderful week. Scrap lots!




Maggi said...

What fabulous projects, you are so talented!

Liz*** said...

Beautiful LOs and card Chris. I especially love the LO with the fish! :)

Liz x

Jamiecrafts said...

i love that card chris, great thinking. your LO's are all great as well :)