Monday, September 28, 2009

I Have Wildlife (and I don't mean my husband)!

I know this sounds disgusting, but there's humor in it, so bear with me. Since May, we've had "droppings" in our back yard planter. They are always there in the morning and always in the same spot. DH and I were clueless. Our yard is fenced with wrought iron fences, and the droppings were too large for a cat. A cat could fit through the spars, but not a dog. We were just very mystified. We continued our routine each day, since it started in May. Well, late one evening, we heard a commotion on our back patio. DH went to look and there were two raccoons playing with each other on our patio! They were just rolling, chasing, and having the best time! Our mystery was solved! We quickly figured out that the little culprits were very happy using our planters as a restroom! There are nice high, full bushes for them to crawl through.

Of course the first thing I wanted to do was leave food out for them. Of course, I KNEW THAT THAT WOULD BE A HUGE MISTAKE! They are the kind of animal that needs to be discouraged - really discouraged. We had them on the roof of our beach house until we trimmed the trees. It was very disconcerting to hear these sounds at 4:30 AM and not knowing what the thumping was. Finally, we figured out that they would climb the trees, drop onto the roof and have a grand old time racing back and forth the length and width of the roof! It sounded like wild horses were running across our yard! When we finally figured it was raccoon recess, we had the tree trimmer out STAT! We learned that raccoons won't drop greater than 5 feet. So, with that in mind, the trees were kept at least five feet above the roof! End of raccoon recess! They are so cute, though.

I have some layouts to share. Hopefully, you will like them! These are for sale. Let me know what you think!

The first one, to me, is just precious for a single 5 x 7 photo or two smaller ones. The paper is embossed and glossy. It is really pretty. The alphas are all black, so pardon the flash reflection. There is machine stitching around the perimeter and some gems in the corners. The buttons have been painted with acrylic paint. The brads on the stitched mat are sparkly as well. I made a little skunk to go with the theme. He turned out so cute! I also painted the chipboard flower grouping on the lower left of the photo mat.





The next layout is a cute one for Halloween. Again, the photo mat is 5 x 7. There is lots of layering. I punched the corners of the background paper with a punch that looks like a bat's head and ears. The yellow strip is all fringed to add texture. There are three chipboard buttons that have been painted to match and then covered with epoxy. The embellishment cluster just to the right of the buttons is three dimensional. The cauldron and ghosts are all at different elevations. The word, "Boo," is made from foam. I've added some plastic embellishment (bats & ghost) as well as a black glittered witch's hat. The pumpkin brads are gold toned.


Eek! PRICE $6.50 SOLD


Mailing Info

The total postage for mailing within the US is $6.50 whether you purchase one or more than one. That is what it will cost me to mail each one - nothing more. I've learned that if I'm mailing more than one, the price didn't change. They are mailed priority mail w/ a delivery confirmation. Mailing fee would be higher if mailed out of the USA. I'd have to find out the cost and then let you know after you've committed to purchase. Payment is made through Paypal. It's just easier that way. We are both protected!

I promise you won't be disappointed! TFL!




Annita said...

darn it girl they are adorable !!!
glad you figured out who were leaving droppings... and glad it turned out to be ONLY raccoons KWIM ?

hugs Snotty-nita

DS said...

What a cute layout!