Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rock On!

Now, if you read that title, you may think that I'm going to discuss music! Nope!

I live in the most beautiful state. This part of Utah is rich in geologic history and much geologic activity! So many of the mountains are a deep rust (called Redrocks) due to the oxidized iron particulates found in the rocks. There will be a layer of red and, then, it abruptly ends and a cream layer will begin. There are mesas with the flattest of tops. Next to sandstone, will be volcanic activity from eons ago. It is so beautiful! OK, now to my point...

All over the place are beautiful mountains that have huge boulders that have given way and tumbled to the earth's surface. It is very common to see boulder upon boulder at the base of a mountain. Sadly, it's kind of hard to drag a two ton boulder home to plop in your front yard!

I'm working on getting at least one boulder for our front yard. I want it to be the red sandstone. I think the color would be beautiful. Tomorrow, a landscaper is coming to look at our front yard, get an idea of the size and shape I want, and then we will go from there. He'll need to have a crane to place it and then the knowledge of how to set it in so that it doesn't move. I am so excited! Who else do you know would get excited about getting a rock? Everyone in our subdivision has a boulder of some size and shape in their yard. Some, of course have more than one. Our home didn't have one when we bought it. So, it's been my goal to get one for the front. It's so silly that I am so excited! What shape do I want, how big? It's like Christmas to me! Purchasing a boulder has been on my "to do" list since we moved in. DH wants to have either tiles or metal numerals attached to the boulder to designate our street address. I think that would be nice, too! I'll keep you posted!

I have made a couple of layouts for you to view. These are for sale. If you are interested, please contact me for details.

The first LO, "Boo," is sooooo cute! I just love that little bear! It's a mummy! I wrapped it in off white frazzles I had in my supplies. DH said I should add some brown chalk to the frazzle strips to make them look old and dirty. I did - just to make my best critic happy! The Mummy Bear is so cute! It took me most of today to make her! She is holding a Tootsie Roll Pop and a candy apple. The title alphas are large, LOL. The buttons are chipboard that has been painted and covered with epoxy. I added a wood and wire fence as well as moon, stars, and ghost. There is a tag for journaling. You'd need a Sharpie pen to write. The white photo mat base has been punched using a border punch. NOTE: If you want flowers added to the LO, just let me know! I didn't add any because I didn't want to add something that someone may not want in a Halloween layout. I'd be happy to add orange, black, and white ones for you!


BOO!Price: $7.50 SOLD


The next layout, "Boo Crew," is also a fun layout. It has a lot of whimsy to it! There is lots of layering as you can see. The paper on the mat has distressed edges. I've machine stitched the perimeter of the gold, stitched the buttons to the layout, added a strip of white, puffy, satin ghosts. Your photo will fit behind the ghost strip. There is a hidden journaling tag that also has machine stitching on it. Just pull the tab on the right of the photo mat. It would also be big enough (5 x 5) for a smaller photo! There are just a lot of details added to this LO including buttons, brads, eyelets (remember those?) fiber, and a bread tag. I just love how the cut sheet of black w/ all the Halloween words jumps out at you.


BOO CREWPrice: $7.50



These are one of a kind creations. I am trying to provide a good deal without trying to make a ton of profit. I figure what I'm saving in ebay fees is to your advantage!

Mailing Info

The total postage for mailing within the US is $6.50 whether you purchase one or more than one. That is what it will cost me to mail each package - nothing more. I've learned that if I'm mailing more than one, the price didn't change. They are mailed priority mail w/ a delivery confirmation. Mailing fee would be higher if mailed out of the USA. I'd have to find out the cost and then let you know after you've committed to purchase. Payment is made through Paypal. It's just easier that way. We are both protected!

Thank you for stopping by. I'll be sure to let you know how my boulder man does with his selling! Hopefully, by the time I post again, I'll be "rocking on!" LOL

Love to you,



DS said...

What cute layouts! Spoooky

Annita said...

great layouts love the little bear- adorable.
Looking forward to see pics of your boulder !!
hugs Annita

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Chris these are so cute! I love that little bear!


Jamiecrafts said...

awesome L's Chris, great job!