Sunday, January 24, 2010

Family Pastimes

There was a challenge this week to do a layout or two utilizing the topic of family pastimes when growing up and/or family pastimes with our family. I loved both ideas and did a LO regarding both.

For the first LO, I chose to document our personal family favorite pasttime - day/road trips! If we drove too far in a day, we just stopped and would spend the night! We never knew where we were headed. We'd just get in the car and decide if we wanted to head north, south, east, or west. We called these our family "adventures." We had so much fun. I think the spontaneity of it all was what made it so much fun! One time, we drove to Phoenix to have dinner! Phoenix is 300 miles away, LOL! We did this all the time! I think that DS loved it, too, as he has continued the tradition with his sweet spouse. Here is my LO documenting it.


Road Trips

I wanted the LO to have a whimsical look to it. I used some felt, buttons, adorable punch outs from October Afternoon (I think) and paper from the set. I elevated the clouds using pop dots and elevated the tree as well.

The second LO documents what was probably my favorite pastime as a little girl. This photo is close to 60 years old! It was a tiny little photo that was so aged. I guess it was good that I redid it. It took about two hours using Photoshop to recover what you see. It was so damaged just from being in a box for years and years. When I got the photo, I placed it in an album right away. The thing is, back then, there was no photosafe glue. I used ELMERS!!!! Now, the photos will never come out! Yikes!


All Dolled Up

This LO shows all the dolls I had at this age. I am on the bed with them, LOL. I placed a rhinestone circle around my head so I can be located in the collection! The tall doll beside me was named Rita. My mom kept her in the box so I wouldn't touch her. She covered the front of the box w/ Saran Wrap and then taped it into place. I had a habit of cutting the dolls' hair! I was about five or six when this was taken. As an only child, I often would play school with the dolls. I had a little chalkboard, too. I was a teacher even then! There is machine stitching around the edge of the scrolled layers. I put alpha stickers on a transparency, added a frame, and elevated it so that the pretty paper would show through. I also used a pretty punch along the border of the white and the green polka dot. There is hidden journaling behind the photo mat.

Thank you for stopping by! I so appreciate your visits and hope that you will return! If you have any questions, just ask!


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