Thursday, January 28, 2010

Soups On!

I have a nice slow cooker simmering with bean soup and ham. The house smells so delish! I started it yesterday and got the base done. Then, today, I used the immersion blender to puree the base (veggies and some of the beans) so that it will be a natural thickener. I've added the ham and have more beans soaking just waiting to get dumped into the slow cooker. I invested in an All-Clad slow cooker and am glad I did. It works like a dream and cleans up in a second. My only complaint would be that the handles get hot as does the stainless lid. Oh well, that's minor, right?

I managed to get a layout done this week. The challenge was to use blue and two photos. I had these two photos in an old album. They were under a clear page cover (the old kind) and still had scratching and other "noise" on them. I had to do repairs again. I guess it is a good thing that I'm using these older photos in LOs because I get to make new ones that are much better than the originals. Here it is:



I loved the PP and chose yellow as my accent color. There are some elements (circles, leaves, clouds) that are elevated using pop dots. I added buttons to the center of each circle along the bottom. Then, I filled each button center with Stickles. It looks so cute! The sun is a rub on, but rub as I may, it wouldn't release! So, I just added a backing and glued the whole thing to the LO. I guess the rub on was too old. Can that happen?

Wasn't DS a cutie pie? I wish I could have a clone of him between this age and four. Children are just so cute then! I hated seeing him grow up. Time just passes so quickly and we have such little time with them when tiny. I should have tied a brick to his head, I guess! Think that would have slowed down the growing process? LOL

I hope you are well. Thank you so much for stopping by! I know you are busy. Your visits are treasured!


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