Thursday, July 31, 2008

Farewell to July!

I simply cannot believe that July is over! Where did the month go? It's funny, when we were children, time flew by unless we were bored. If we were bored, time just dragged. Now, even if we're not doing anything, time is still flying by! When I was teaching, I would always go back to school the first week of August to get my room ready. I'd spend about a week and a half or so getting my room all dressed up and then was able to stay home for the two weeks before the kids actually returned. That gave me the feeling of having a second vacation, LOL.

I'm still working with my knee issue. I've got a script to go for physical therapy to build the muscles to help hold the joint in place. I've not scrapped for over two weeks, I think! It hurts to keep the knee bent for any period of time. I've been in the recliner with the foot rest up and an ice pack always on the joint. I thought that today, I might try scrapping a little bit. We'll see how it goes. The last thing I want is knee replacement surgery! I don't like to take meds - especially the pain meds - because they just make me so loopy. So, I've been "biting the bullet."

I thought I'd share some recent layouts, though. I just fell in love with this Pink Paislee paper line. I bet you couldn't tell! I've been using them with photos of our DDIL. She is such a sweetheart and a good sport about my scrapping her. I think I even have more paper left from what I got, too! I think I overbought!

The first LO celebrated DDIL's position of Pub Quiz Master! She was asked to be the moderator providing the questions for the participating teams.


The Grand Poobah of Pub Quiz

Here, our sweetie models her new hair cut. Oh, how I wish I had her thick, thick hair! She is just so lovely in every way!


A New "Do"

OK, so I had to throw in one of DS! He will always be my baby. Have you ever read the book, "I'll Love You Forever?" If not, please do. It is a children's picture book that will touch your heart! Again, I used the Pink Paislee along with a strip from BG Archaic. I'm not comfortable with paint, but do use it sparingly. I'm afraid I'll wreck the LO somehow. LOL


You Are My Heart Forever

I just couldn't pass up this delightful tree! I love the color of the Bazzill cardstock. The butterflies are from when I was a child and caught them. I kept them in a little box all these years. While teaching, I ran them through the laminator, LOL. Now, they're part of this LO! How does one spell packrat?

Mother Nature's Wildflowers

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Alison said...

Chris I'm sorry your knee has been bothering you so much! Just take care of yourself. The scrapping can wait! Love the layouts you shared here too!!

Anna said...

Hi Chris !

You have been tagged my friend check out my blog.