Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Isn't It Odd?

Isn't it odd that as we get older, we forget so many little details? Then, we try to retrieve those memories and it's difficult. I brought this up because DH and I were discussing our first few Valentine's Days together. Neither of us can remember them! I DO remember the year he bought me an iron for Valentine's Day, LOL. DH won't forget that one, for sure! It turned out to be a very "chilly" evening instead of a romantic one, LOL! He never did that again. We really spent time the other night trying to recall the ways we have spent this romantic holiday. We did OK, but not great. Is that happening to you as well?

We had a wonderful dinner at a wonderful restaurant. They bring a plate which holds a very hot, flat lava stone which has been heated to about 800° F. You may opt to cook your meat/fish/ or poultry on that stone at your table. We have always chosen that. It's fun to just take your meat and do your own cooking. Before that, we had cheese fondue. After that, we had chocolate fondue. I should do a layout about the restaurant. It's a lot of fun.

It's been very springlike here already. I dread the summer. I whine about the heat way too much! I'm a cold weather girl. We should be getting more rain in the next week, so that will be fun.

I have done some layouts I'd like to share. Let me know what you think!

The first one is of our gorgeous DIL. It's hard to read the title because the flash reflected off the metal alphas. Sorry about that. It does say, Ma Belle Fille - My Beautiful Daughter. The orange lace has been mounted on white Bazzill CS. I wove narrow white ribbon through the slits around the center. It turned out so well, I think!



Ma Belle Fille

The next LO is of our sweet feline. She decided that being in a shopping bag made her look especially cute. I used a lot of BG for this and wanted it to be BRIGHT! I haven't done the journaling yet. She is just the sweetest animal ever and knows how to look cute. I really think she poses for the camera!


What's cuter Than a Cat in a Bag?

This LO is of DH, the love of my life (right beside my son)! I wanted a fairly simple LO and wanted to use up some embellishments. I love the clean look of black, red, and white.


All My Love

The last LO to share today is of DH and myself so many years ago. I wanted it to be romantic. I used red and white with some pink in the PP and embellishments. I love that shot of us.


Nothing Says, "I Love You," Like a Kiss

I hope you like my designs. I have more to share and will do so this weekend or early next week. I hope you will come back and say, "Hi!"

Thanks so much for visiting! I love your visits!


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Annita said...

heeeey Babe

how are you doing ? I loooove your layouts one is more prefect then the other one.
I miss our talks. hugs your friend Annita