Monday, March 8, 2010

Keep Those Raindrops Coming!

Gotta love el niño years! It's raining again today and it will continue through tomorrow. It is so important to get water in the desert. The reservoirs need whatever they can get! Of course, the downside is when the heat of the summer is here and all of the plants that grew out of the rain are then dry, the fire hazard will be so high.

DH and I are not feeling well. I keep trying to work through whatever we have, but I'm not making much gain. I'm so hot all the time. I have a horrible chest cold as does DH. I feel sick to my stomach. We're both self medicating. DH will visit the doc tomorrow if he can get an appointment. I'll wait a little bit. I look as badly as I feel and it's not a pretty picture!

I have a couple of layouts to share. One was for a challenge. We needed to use Picasso's Three Musicians as our inspiration. Well, I had a blast with it. Here is the artist's masterpiece:


Isn't it amazing? There are so many details tucked inside that painting. Now, here is my inspiration. First and foremost was the randomness of the masterpiece. Therefore, I chose my LO to be SO NOT me! I made my very geometric shapes all kittywampus. I chose papers that had random designs and were from different lines. I used the colors that Picasso used - russet, black, blue, brown, cream. I matted the LO in black and then, behind the black mat is an electric blue mat. Picasso had three pairs of eyes clearly defined in his painting. I placed three pairs of eyes randomly on the LO. Because Picasso's work was disjointed, I made my large flower disjointed by cutting the stem halfway and then NOT lining it up. I also tipped the rectangles. Picasso has a slip of notepaper as do I. The hands and arrow are just there - for no significant reason, just random as Picasso often employs. Then, I used a photo of DDIL that also has no significance! LOL It is just a photo that most of us wouldn't scrap because her beautiful face was covered. Hence, I entitled my LO, "Unfinished."



The next layout was just a happy one! When I went up for this ride, I had no idea I was expecting DS! Had I known, I don't think I would have taken that ride! The most amazing thing is that it is so quiet up above the trees. All you can hear are the faint barks of dogs. I loved this experience. Here is my design:


It Was on My Bucket List

The last LO is of DH and myself so many years ago! I think DH was pretty happy! I just wanted to have fun and loved the paper with all the tickets, so I cut them out, LOL.


My Sweet Valentine

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you are feeling well.


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twinsand2boys said...

I adore how you used those tickets!!