Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Scrappy World is Upside Down!

I'd like to begin by apologizing for not having my Visiting Teaching lesson idea ready and posted. Read on to find out why, LOL. Also, please use my new Visiting Teaching blog, Visiting Teaching Sistas as the site to view each month. I just don't wish to mix my scrappy stuff with my VT things.

Now for the entertainment portion of this post.

I did absolutely nothing in my scrap room for just about all of the month of May. I don't know what was going on, but I just didn't feel like scrapping. Usually, I am in there every day for just a bit. On Sunday, I decided to go in and get my tushie in gear to get my Visiting Teaching idea all ready. I walked in and the carpeting squished under my bare feet! My first thought was that our feline friend had decided that her box wasn't her preferred depository. I quickly realized that what was squishing between my toes was more like that of what a baby elephant might have eliminated rather than a cat!

Suddenly, terror set in. Where was the water coming from, and how much damage was there? I turned on the light (I hadn't even done that yet) and saw that, indeed, we had a water problem. DAH! I called DH into the room. We began moving everything out in order to find the source of the water leakage.

Now, I do believe that blessings come in all forms. I was truly blessed. I keep my paper and cardstock in 36 drawers, on shelves and in drawers of my hutch, and the brand new goodies are stored upright on the floor in a box right next to my chair by the scrap table. I have always had the habit of keeping the papers in their cellophane wrappers or in zip lock plastic bags. I lost only about 50 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of discontinued Lasting Impressions paper that I use for making cards. The bottom portion of every sheet is water stained. The top half, however, is still fine. I just kept those in a brown envelope. I'll just cut those in half and use what is left. Not a single thing was lost! Can you believe that? The 36 drawers are in one of my closets. The water there was the worst. Nothing - absolutely nothing - was ruined.

Opposite the end of my closet, on the other side of the wall, is the culprit that has turned my scrappy world upside down. What, you may ask? It was the hot water heater! It died. It lived a good life but finally succumbed to age, spewing all of it's life fluids through the wall(s) and on the carpet.

We didn't think that our insurance company would have anyone working since it was a three day weekend. So, we didn't call AAA. We should have. Someone is always there for emergencies such as this. DH, just on a hunch, called them yesterday evening. They have already been here, ripped up the carpeting and pad in the affected half of the room, sealed the floor, assessed the wall damage, and will be here tomorrow to get the hot water going again and continue with the repairs. I'll get new carpeting and the walls will be repaired. Talk about fast! I love AAA!!! They may cost more, but I have to say that they have always been there right away to take care of any problems we've had in the past. For us, it has been such a relief. The first thing that AAA offered was hotel lodging during the repairs. We declined as there was no need. We only lacked hot water and could make that by heating water on the stove.

So, that is why I'm late with my posting. I have scrappy stuff all over the house. There isn't a room that hasn't been affected in some way. OK, the bathrooms have been spared! My poor husband just looked and everything and said to me, "There is just so much stuff!" That made me feel good (NOT)! Guilty, yes. The workmen will take out the table, the desk, the shelf units, and computer stuff. DH is currently emptying the shelves of all the baskets.

I can't help him because I shouldn't be in that room until everything is done. I had been having asthma and didn't know why. Now, we know. It was the mildew from the wet carpeting. The short time I was in there on Sunday, I was wheezing terribly. I could smell mildew. So the door is shut, the room is airing out, and a huge fan is helping to eliminate any moisture.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! It could have been so much worse. In the grand scheme of things, my inconvenience is absolutely nothing compared to what is happening in Lousiana and areas of the midwest who have recently had severe flooding.

I am blessed. I am grateful. I am ever so thankful.


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Jamiecrafts said...

that stinks Chris, at least you were able to salvage some of the papers and it didnt all get ruined :) hugs hop you get it all taken care of soon!