Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just One More Sleep

DH has been gone for what seems like forever. It's been just shy of three weeks. I've been home alone with my feline friends. You would think I would have scrapped my heart out. I didn't. He left and took my mojo with him, I guess. It was very hard to be alone so long. I'll tell ya - it's pretty darn hard to do everything around here by yourself! I'm too old and things hurt now! But, tomorrow is the big day. DH will be home in the early evening. I never slept like an average person. I went to sleep at three AM and got up around nine AM when the cats decided I should open my eye lids. Quite frankly, I think they were afraid I may have passed away and then what would they do!

I am so ticked. Things I've ordered on line are not getting to me. It really bugs me. I bought stamps as a gift for a friend. They never arrived. What made it worse was that I told her I had found them (they've been discontinued). Then, a stamp I sent to her never reached her either. I had my return address on the envie, too. Another friend sent me something from Australia. I never got it, either. Add to that another order that never found its way to my mailbox or front door. I think someone is getting pretty lucky. I'm not. Doesn't that bug you, too?

I made some fruit leather today. It's been dehydrating in the oven since this morning. I'm using the heat of the light to do the work. I started out with the oven on convection. My lowest temp. is 170° and you were supposed to set it at 140°. So, I got it going at 170° on convection and then turned it off. I'll check on it before going to bed. Have you ever made fruit leather?

Yesterday, DS and DH went to the Olympic Peninsula and visited the rainforest and FORKS, WASHINGTON!! It was a downpour, but my DH, the trooper he is, got out and stood by the "Welcome to Forks" sign so DS could get a picture for me to scrap. No, they didn't see Jacob or Edward. *sigh* How fun was that? I told DS to tell his dad that the picture wasn't good enough and that he had to take a couple more, LOL. DH didn't fall for it, though! LOL.

I made a birthday card for a friend. It's Singing Tilda. I loved this stamp. I loved the gown. I forgot to add the green leaves before I took the photo. They are on there now, though. I colored her w/ Copics. Then, I added some Stickles in strategic areas to make the gown look like gossamer. I added silver Stickles to the end of the microphone. It looks really nicely, I think. I hope you like it. Here it is:



I am so far from being a good Copic user. I try, though. I loved the pale color I managed to achieve on her gown. I wouldn't mind one like it, LOL

Thank you, friend, for stopping by. I appreciate the time you took. Leave a little love if you want. That is always a treat!



Nancy said...

Chris, this is a lovely card. The colors you used are beautiful, and so perfect for fall. Great job! Thanks for sharing this pretty card.

Stephanie said...

I think you did a wonderful job on your coloring. And, I also think the friend you are going to give it to will absolutely love it. Great job!

Catherine Atkinson said...

Your card's beautiful! I bet your friend will love it.

Lisette Morris said...

Beautiful color! I think your friend wil truly enjoy it!

Card Crazy said...

I love that card. I love the colors, and I love Singing Tilda. She always reminds me of a 40s-50s lounge singer crooning a Billy Holiday blues ballad and yes, an older person will definitely love this card. Should bring back lovely memories.

Sharon Caudle said...

Beautiful card, Chris! I really love the color of her dress! I'm sure your friend is going to love it!
hugs, Sharn

Leslie Anne Avila said...

Super duper cute card! Love the orange hues and your coloring is fabulous. Awesome share, thanks!
Blessings ~
Leslie Avila

Anonymous said...

This is a really lovely card Chris, I just love this image (unfortunately I don't own it) and she is colored beautifully. You certainly have achieved softness in coloring of the gown. I'm sure your friend will love it, no-one is ever too old for our Tilda, are they :)

Leonie said...

Gorgeous!! I love the colours you have used and the sparkle on his dress! I'm sure your friend will love it!
Hugs Leonie

Rosie said...

Great card Chris! I love this Tilda too. My SIL is a great singer and actually sang at my wedding years ago so I bought this stamp so I could add her to my wedding pages (whenever I get around to scrapbooking them...I'm so behind!). Anyways, I think you did a great job with your Copic coloring! Hugs, Rosemary

paola said...

this is gorgeous, love the colors that you chose to use, and the large flower is the perfect finishing touch

Caroline said...

Gorgeous the lady will love it...I have just made my Gran a Tilda card & she has just turned 80 - she LOVED it!! x x x

Candy said...

I think your friend will love your card and it doesn't matter at all what her age is. You made it from your heart and it is so pretty. I love the shade you coloured her dress and I think you do very well with your Copics.

Deeanna said...

I think you friend is really gonna like it.Great job:}

Myrna said...

Your card is lovely! Since I'm an orange lover this is perfect. You did a great job of coloring Tilda. Your friend will love it.

megline said...

Beautiful card, great choice of paper,
Hugs, Line

charlene said...

What a pretty card you have made your friend will love it !
Sorry you have had such a tough time with the mail ... that would make me upset also

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Such a beautiful card!
Huggies ~

Cordine said...

It's gorgeous!

Gale said...

It is a beautiful card. Your friend is sure to love it. Great job.

Rene said...

This is just so pretty! Love those colors too :D

Cami said...

Oh Chris, such a lovely card! I love the colors, your coloring is just beautiful, and the sparkles make is gorgeous! Your friend will love this card! Hugs, Cami

Anonymous said...

lovely card Chris! TFS!
Pam Going Postal

cabio's craft corner said...

Pretty card Chris. Love Tilda's sparkly dress. So cute & fun!

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Gorgeous card, Chris! Just beautiful! I think you did a great job coloring Tilda. She looks soooo sweet & glittery. Love the flower too!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog & leaving such a sweet comment!

Huggies ~