Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stop the Political Spending!

OK, I'm on my soapbox again! I'm not going to go on and on about anything, but I want to leave you with a simple point to ponder.

Why do the current midterm candidates scream, "Stop the spending!" or "Washington's spending is out of control!" when the very people screaming those remarks are guilty of the very same exorbitant spending in attempts to BUY their political office? $140 million from one candidate. $25 million spent on the campaign of another. Do you see any hypocrisy here? If the candidates are willing to spare no expense to BUY their seat, how can they have the audacity to criticize Washington? ~ just a thought. Think of what that money could do for the children of this know, those very children that are the future of this nation...

Thank goodness, Fall is finally here! Last night, we had a wonderful thunder and lightning storm! The rain came and went for a couple of hours. Wonderful! The air is clean today. The windows are open, and it is GORGEOUS! Did I mention that it is cooler outside, too? Yay!

I have some goodies to share with you today. First is a Tilda card. This stamp is named Tilda in Dalecarlia Coat. I also used the Magnolia stamp of the blanket covered bench. I used liquid embroidery on the blanket, heated it with my embossing gun to fluff it up. The images were colored with Copics. It's hard to see, but I added ultra fine clear glitter to the embroidered details on her coat and hat to add some sparkle.


Thank You Card

Next, I have a couple of scrapbook layouts to share with you. Life Preservers Scrapbook Club had an online crop this weekend and I scrapped my heart out. Here are just a couple of layouts I did:


My Paella

This challenge was to scrap food! Well, that was right up my alley! One night, I had made a wonderful Paella after DH came home from the store with bags of seafood! I put some of it to good use right away! I was so happy with how pretty the Paella turned out that I had to photograph it! Doesn't that look delish?


OUCH! There's a Stake in My Heart!

This challenge was to scrap a non Halloween photo but use Halloween items for the actual layout design. Well, I thought this photo was just the thing! I love, love, love this donut from Voodoo Donuts in Portland,OR. It is just the cutest thing! There is a pretzel stick stuck in its chest for the stake. Then, raspberry filling is oozing out around the stake's hole! Yummy! Is that cute or what?


How Does Your Garden Grow?

This LO is a tribute to the gardening endeavors of our DS! He proudly sends photos of things he is growing in his yard. I thought these photos were perfect with the paper! Aren't those colors wonderful?

Thank you, sweet visitors, for stopping by. I so appreciate your visits! I hope you will come back soon!



Pen to Paper said...

Hi Chris, I love your card and your layouts, very cool. How did you emboss your background for the card and then cut out the snowflakes? Did you use a hole puncher?



Rene said...

Your card is super the blanket on the bench! Fantastic! May I get on a soapbox for a second? I'm so tired of hearing about why I SHOULDN'T vote for a candidate rather than why I SHOULD vote for one! All they do is talk about how horrible "the other guy" is...what I want to know is what THEY plan to do about things! Grrr...Oh well, only a few more weeks of ads!

Caroline said...

WOW I love your card I love the background it looks fab xx

Myrna said...

Chris, love that dark red coat and the glitter on it! Great card!

Sandy said...

Hey, hey kids - calm down! It's that time of year and the political stakes are high - just get out and vote!!! I love this thank you card!
And by the way - may the best PERSON win.

Chris said...

I agree, Sandy. It is that time of year! I also agree that what matters is that the BEST person wins. It wouldn't hurt a little bit, though, if some of the $$ spent on campaigning went toward improving the structural and educational material needs of our schools.

Thanks for the comment on my card. I'm trying to improve, LOL - it's a very, VERY slow process! LOL

Rosie said...

OH MY WORD, your layouts are fabulous! I love them!! I need to work more on my scrapbooks...I've been on too long of a hiatus! Love the details of your card...the background is awesome! Hugs, Rosemary :)

Christina C. said...

I am with you on the political spectrum!!!!! My blood pressure goes up this time of year! It's a wonder I'm still ALIVE!
Your card is the background. Fabulous work!

Sharon Caudle said...

Ok first...can I please come over for dinner???? That Paella looks awesome, girlfriend! I would have gladly helped you scarf that down! LOL! GREAT layouts, all of them! And Tilda, oh my gosh, gorgeous card, hon! I LOVE her! The bench is awesome and the snowflakes are the perfect touch! And of course Tilda is beautiful too! :)
hugs! Sharon

Zoe said...

oh your magnolia card is adoarbale. Love all the sparkle you added to the jacket and that background is divine!! hugs xxoo

Judi said...

I'm with you - absolutely sick of the politics - if they would put their money where there mouth is they would put all that money towards the national debt and help everyone out! I too, am sick of it - I certainly don't think this is what our forefathers intended!

Peggie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Unfortunately for some reason I can't see your creations. I'm sure I am missing out by not being able to few them.

Danielle Champagne said...

Hi Chris, our political world (I'm from Quebec) is not any better... If this may bring consolation to you.
Your card and your pages are all wonderful. LOve your Tilda very much. Your paella page is stunning!

Barb Hardeman said...

Chris, your Christmas card is simply divine! I love how you did the embossed background and the bright red coat is perfect on the crisp white. Quite a stunning card...hugs...Barb

Christine said...

Beautiful work! I love your Tilda card, and her embossed background is perfect! I really like how you added the extra snowflakes, too!

cabio's craft corner said...

Pretty & peaceful winter card Chris. Lovely texture on and the snowflakes are cute. Also, those are fun & cheery page layouts too :o)

Candy said...

Great card! Tilda looks like she is sitting on a sheep skin blanket :o) Nicely coloured and love your snowflakes. How did you put the little blue ones on there?
Your scrapbook layouts are great as well. You have been busy!
Hugs, Candy

Julie said...

Beautiful cards and great pages. Very nice! I really like your scrapbooking style.


Sylvia said...

What a lovely card !! Great colors and your background is beautiful also is your coloring. Your layouts are also very, very beautiful.
Hugs sylvia

Anonymous said...

totally adorable Tilda! Ron Paul was the only candidate that had "real" solutions to our country's problems but nobody listened...
I agree, greed should not be what drives people but it sure is! Politics should not be involved at all in education but look at how politically correct/crazy it is to the point where reading, writing and arithmetic are strange words! ugh! You started it! lol Then all the money paid to sports and sports heros! crazy! oh, don't forget the wacky movie people! They are probably the ones giving the money to these guy to push their agendas. I'm glad a lot of the stamps we love are made in the USA or Sweden! We're doing a little to help!
Pam Going Postal

Maria said...

Beautiful thank you card! Love the textured and punched snowflake background. Your layouts are fabulous and so full of colour and spunk. Wow! I also want to thank you for entering my blog candy and for your wonderful comment. Hugs, Maria

Andrea said...

Chris, you absolutely amaze me!!! I love love love your scrappy work!! I would have never thought to put garden pictures with that Bo Bunny sun kissed paper, but it works fabulously!!
Then the politicians...don't even get me started! ;o)