Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm a Terrible Mother!

Why? Well, here is the Christmas card I made for DS. I just finished it today! Yes, we did send him a commercially made one. Yes, I think I have a good reason for being a WEEK LATE!!!! No, on second thought, I don't have a good reason. I have several mediocre reasons. First of all, I over did it between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have two knees that need to be replaced. I am at war with those two joints. I have bone on bone. Standing, sitting, walking, any movement is painful. Even laying with my legs extended hurts. Now, with all that, I still managed to cook Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, and make all of the Christmas cards that needed to be mailed. Sitting at my scrap table hurt. Getting up and down to get supplies hurt. Spending 14 hours a day working on stuff hurt. So, onto the back burner were DH's anniversary card and DS's Christmas card. I knew better. I could have purchased Christmas cards to send to our friends and family, but nooooooooooooooo, punish those knees!

Then came the day when DH brought home some stamp pads for me to use. The stamp pads and I sat and looked at each other. I thought, "Will I be able to play nicely with you?" The stamp pads thought, "Why are you sitting there looking at us? Open some of us up and give us a try. You might like us." Well, I caved. I started ripping open the protective covers. I started working with the inks and a warm, fuzzy feeling swept over me from my head to my toes. Honestly, it made me happier than all the king crab I could eat at a Vegas buffet!

So, I promptly finished DH's anniversary card - it's the orange/yellow card in the previous entry. Next, I went to work on DS's card. I had the idea in my head, so I didn't have any planning. The minute I saw this Edwin stamp, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. It was just a matter of mind over knees.

This is the end result. After I finish posting this, I'm heading into the bedroom with ice packs. Maybe my knees will forgive me for beating the up so much for the past month. Maybe my DH and DS will understand. Maybe I'll forgive myself. I feel pretty crummy about not making their cards first. Stupid!



The details:

I used MS PP for the card and a variety of Ranger Distress Inks. There are some elements that have been elevated using pop dots. I stitched the "wire" using silver embroidery floss. The "lights" are gems I had in my stash. The circumference of the circle has been chalked and dry embossed using a metal die that does the cutting and embossing . I didn't have the right alphas for the greeting, so I took the silver ones I had and colored them using a dark green Copic marker. That worked! The flowers, border, and vine are all die cut using dies I had in my stash.

Thank you so much for coming by. I so appreciate your comments. I treasure each one and appreciate all the suggestions. I hope your New Year is amazing and so much better than you could imagine!

Love to you,



Rene said...

Oh my! Your poor knees! I hope you are resting comfortably as you read the comments which are sure to flood in about your lovely card!
You are doing a fantastic job with the distress inks...I haven't tried them out yet but you make me want to.
Oh! And a terrible mother would not make a Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner! You are awesome!
Rene :D

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh honey, don't beat yourself up over that! It's so apparant your did your very best, and I'm sure your hubby and son understand! His card is gorgeous and who cares if it's a little late??!! It doesn't mean you love him any less!! I love the colors and the way you did the sentiment! You're doing fabulous using the distress inks! I never would have dreamed you just started using them. Sorry it's been so long since I've been to visit! I'm off to take in all the rest of your gorgeous creations I've missed out on recently. Happy New Year, and I hope your knees feel much better very soon!
big hugs!

Patti Jo said...

Well not getting a card on time to your son does NOT make you a terrible Mother!!! And I'm sure he didn't mind! You have really taken to the Distress Inks Chris, your Edwin is so cute and love the way you have highlighted the string of lights! Terrific work!!! Take it easy now and feel better!

Linda Imler said...

Your card is absolutely beautiful, if you would not have told us I wouldn't have know you just started using the Distress Inks. I hope your knees are fixed soon, it is very hard to put up with the pain.
Linda I

Anonymous said...

First of all you are not a terrible mother. I love your card. My husband had 2 knee replacements. The right one and 1 year later the left knee was done. I know what you are going through. He is doing extremely well. Just doing the things that you have done, deserve a lot of credit. Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

You did a really wonderful job with the distress inks!! I hope your knees are feeling better soon!

Barb Hardeman said...

Well sweetie, having gone through foot surgery last July I can attest to the 'pain' your experiencing. No, not my knees, but my foot! Ouch! Take care of yourself. Well I think your DS will be absolutely delighted to receive this fabby card. Don't you just love this image? You did a wonderful job coloring him and I love your Christmas paper! Super job...hugs...Barb

Diana Crick said...

Oh my gosh you poor dear, I had no idea you were in such DISCOMFORT!!!!!
It is very obvious a great deal of love went into your card, it is just perfect and I am sure he will love it.
I was scared to try the distress inks, bought all the pads and the inks and they just sat there. Angie gave me a lesson while we were in Sweden together and oh my gosh I was in love. So far I have only done backgrounds but I am getting braver. You have done a superb job!!!
hugs and Blessings for 2011.
love you, Diana

Cheryl said...

Ooo, those knees sound painful! I'm so sorry! I do think you're right that you should forgive yourself for what you see as your failings! I'll bet your loved ones don't feel that way!
Your card is adorable! You are doing some nice work with those inks!

charlene said...

What a perfect little card I just love this image and you have done hime up to perfection....awesome job with those distress inks you are doing great! Take care of yourself .... I can't imagine how painful that must be.

Christina C. said...

OMG, Chris, I'm going through the same crisis, but so far it's only my left knee.....needs to be replaced!!!
My right knee is just as bad, but strangely, does not hurt YET!
You are an AWESOME MOTHER!!!!
Your card is STUNNING...beautiful details and fabulous coloring of this cute favorite image of Christmas Edwin.
Take it easy...sending hugs your way!

Myrna said...

Chris, your card is wonderful! You are doing great with your water coloring! I know how you feel about guilt! My son loves to get mail and I just didn't get his card done in time to mail. I felt so bad. We all survived anyway. Your son knows you love him and that's what matters. :-)Take care of yourself!!! Have a wonderful 2011!

Sandy said...

I am so far behind in looking a cards I am dizzy - here it is at one in the morning and I just saw your wonderful card. I am so sorry about your body Chris but I have to tell you my body is in a similar condition only different reasons. But I have made it through making Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner and keeping my 4 youngest grand kids for a week! You card is cute as it can be and we will keep hanging in there my friend. Hey, I thought guilt was a mother's middle name. You are doing so beautifully with you distress inks and I do love your sense of humor!!
XO Sandy

cathylynn said...

Hello Chris, Pain, stress and love was quite a combination involved with this Awesome card. WOW it turned out absolutely wonderful and I'm sure your family member will treasure this work of art knowing that you put everything you had physically into this card. This speaks love and devotion all over it. God Bless You and I hope you get those knees fixed so you can get some relief. My hubby suffers with bad knees so I know exactly what you are going through. Not fun at all!!! Take care and here's a super hug for you!! Cathy-Lynn ps you're doing super with those distress inks!!

nomorelittlemonkeys said...

Your card is absolutely gorgeous! I'm sure your son was pickled as punch to receive it! I feel for you regarding your knee pain. I just scheduled the date for my acl reconstruction on the right knee. It does not hurt too much now, but it sure will afterward! I really hope you can get yours taken care of eventually. I know it's scary, but think of how much better they will feel after you recover! (((Hugs)))

nomorelittlemonkeys said...

What I meant to say was "pleased as punch"!! I really hope your son is not pickled! LOL! My blonde is showing.

cabio's craft corner said...

Sorry about your knees Chris. Your card is gorgeous and I see no reason your son will mind. Instead, I am sure he is thrilled to get it :o)
What a dedicate mom you are!!