Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Ruin Your Eyes During A Solar Eclipse

OK, this is MY blog and I can write my opinion (to a point), right? If you don't like blog posts where someone is on "the peck," STOP NOW, and do not read any more of this post. I am on a rant!

I am fighting to keep my vision. Some of you may already know that. Each year, my vision is diminished more and more. I have an autoimmune issue that is attacking my eyes and has been for almost 20 years now. Some days are just very difficult for me because of the blurry vision caused by what I call my "Jellyfish." These are clear floaters covering my line of vision. I also fight Glaucoma which has damaged my optic nerves. I treasure my vision. I treasure each and every card I make because I was able to see to do it. Granted, I may have enough light on my work space to illuminate a small city, but it works! This is one of the many reasons I often say that I am blessed. I am! I am still able to see my husband's gorgeous face, my son's precious "laughing eyes," a rainbow, a sunset, snow.

It is for the reason above that I am "on a tear." I am going to share photos which I found on a website where people are looking at yesterday's Annular Eclipse through 35mm camera film! It is my understanding that this is NOT a safe method for EVER viewing the sun! What bothers me so much is that there were ample warnings given day after day regarding how to safely look at the sun as well as what NOT to do when looking at the sun. What MORON thought it was a great idea to look though 35mm camera film? The photos were taken at a mall. I think people just went and bought film after seeing someone else use this harmful technique.

Does the father in the first photo shown below realize what he is so innocently doing to his son's young eyes? Whomever put the goggles on their pets had more sense (even though the pets probably wouldn't be inclined to view a solar eclipse)! I have blurred the faces so that their identities are protected.

I hope and pray that significant damage was not done to the viewers'eyes. If I am wrong and camera film is safe to use, then I apologize for this diatribe. I would never want anyone to experience what I am going through each and every day with my failing vision. Treasure your vision. Don't forget to protect your eyes whenever you are outside. If you are older, get Glaucoma checks. Glaucoma is "silent." You can't feel the increased ocular pressure unless it is so high that your eyes rub against the bones of the eye socket.

I wrote this out of love and concern. If I can prevent just one person from looking at the sun in a careless manner, then I have helped one, who, in turn, will help another - like a ripple in a pond.
Blessings to all. Thanks for sticking with me this far.



Nancy Jensen said...

I can understand your concern and frustration that people could be ruining their eyesight when you are struggling to keep your own. My daughter was born with severe complex heart defects and after numerous surgeries, procedures, hospitalizations, etc, she passed away 1 1/2 years ago. I get SO UPSET at parents who abuse or neglect their children when I fought so hard to just keep mine alive. Like you appreciating your eyesight and being thankful for each day that you can see, I am so very thankful for each and every moment I had with my daughter. I never took a day for granted and am so very thankful for the time I had with her.

I hope you get many more years of being able to see your family's faces and crafting.

ps- you came by my crafting blog regarding my tutorial on painting with liquid pearls. I'm going to post some hints for you on your most recent card post. :)

Iulia said...

Hey sweetie! Thank you for sharing this with us in such a concerning manner. Sorry to hear your eyesight is damaging year after year. This truly make your cards so very precious. I wouldn't have realized haven't you mentioned.
I don't have problems with my eyesight but I'm very touched by the problems of my fellow crafters; I know lots of them who have shivering problems or even cancer and I admire them for their motivation in continuing to make cards and share beauty with us.
Please take care of your eyesight, spend less time on your computer and keep making those gorgeous cards for many many years from now!
Hugs, Iulia

Pam said...


I have to agree. Our eyesight is a most precious gift and not to be taken lightly nor abused.

Your cards are absolutely beautiful and I pray that you can continue to see well enough to enjoy those things you love.