Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Hawk has Brunch in Our Backyard!

Good morning, dearest readers,

I have a quick note to share. The other day, I was in my craft room when I looked out the window and saw a very large bird feeding on something in our back yard. As I was watching, the bird flew away and a MUCH LARGER version of the same species swooped in and landed where bird #1 had been feeding. It was so fast that it if I had blinked, I would have missed the changing of the birds! This took place about 20 feet from my window. I continued to watch what was going on as it was so interesting. I had a hard time discerning what type of bird it was because with my old, tired eyes, I didn't have clarity due to the distance, the window, and the window screen which blurred my vision.

I was determined to know what type of bird I was watching. I got out my telephoto lens and attached it to my camera. Then I saw what it was - a HAWK! Hawks normally do not land so close to homes. Both the smaller one and the huge one must have felt that our yard was a safe zone to feed in peace. The large hawk fed for at least 30 minutes as my husband and I watched from my craft room window. Meet Mr. Hawk:

When this behemoth flew in, the smaller hawk said, "Have at it, Mr. Hawk! I'm outta here!" LOL After the large hawk was done, and flew away, my husband went out to see what they were feeding on. It was a dove. :o( My husband cleaned up the feathers and remnants. About an hour after my husband cleaned it up, the smaller hawk returned and landed in the same spot it had previously been. It hopped all around for food leftovers. There weren't any, so it left.

This was one of those "Nature's Miracles" that happen only in a great once in a while! We were so fortunate to see this process.

Have a good one,


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Jay said...

Hi Chris, I love your story and the fabby picture!!! I have had quite a few sparrow hawks in my garden over the years. I love seeing them, but not when they leave with one of my sparrows or my other cute garden birds. I managed a really good photo of one once, I put it on my face book page. The larger ones are usually the females, so it was likely to have been the smaller hawks mate, it is his job to feed her and keep out her way he he!!! Thanks again for the lovely story!!!
Cuddles Jay xxx