Saturday, October 18, 2008

Let the Voting Begin!

Yikes! Early voting is beginning across the USA. How will this election result? There are less than 20 days to go. It's getting exciting - if you can ignore the negative campaign ads. I think I should have a contest for the most POSITIVE presidential campaign ad! Who knows, maybe I'd start a trend!

My sweet husband and I were out taking photos a couple of weekends ago. You've seen the photo of Cedar Breaks and the snow which I posted right after we went. I thought I'd share a couple of additional photos to help you get into the fall mood!


Oh, that's not an Autumn photo! It's a Choco Taco! LOL I used to buy these by the box for my husband and son to munch on! They are sooooooooooooooooo good!!! Are you thinking about licking the screen? Don't. It won't work!

Hmmm, back to the photos. Here are a couple to really help you get in the Fall mood:


Doesn't Mother Nature do a wonderful job! Look at those leaves!


I took this photo after I made my darling husband drive up and down the highway until I found this tree again. I love the contrast of the flaming leaves against the black lava flow. If I could title this photo, I think I would name it "Determination." How that Aspen grew through that basalt rock just amazes me. Gotta love Mother Nature!

This photo should be entitled, "Follow the Yellow Leafed Road." LOL

Lastly, here is a LO I did after our photo shoot. The mountain in the background is a volcano cinder cone. The area in which I live is extremely geologically interesting! There are cinder cones, deep canyons, huge fault lines, dinosaur tracks, volcanic flows, and the beautiful, deep red sandstone.


Thank you for stopping by and thank you for leaving comments on previous posts. It's nice to know who is visiting and if there was something that you liked!

Have a good one and be careful of errant ChocoTacos!



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Nevadan in Exile said...

Seeing that picture makes me want to go score 100% on a spelling test! You always gave me Choco-Tacos for those. (Seems like I got a lot of 95s but not as many 100s as you'd think!)

I hope you two took the road from Kolob Reservoir over the mountain to Cedar City. That's a great road and in far better condition than we originally thought.