Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Race to the White House and Diversions

It's everywhere. You cannot get away from it. Political commentaries! Talk about mudslinging! If any of these candidates had noses that grew like Pinocchio's when untruths were told, my gosh, they'd be falling all over themselves - doing impressions of elephants or anteaters! I have to say that Utah is 99% quieter than Las Vegas was. The TV ads are sparse and yard signs, trash mail, door fliers, etc., are basically nonexistent. It's sooooooooooooooo nice! It's just sad that when watching these candidates on TV, the political "spin" is an insult to the intelligence! OK, enough of my political diatribe! No one cares what I think, LOL. However, this is my blog and I can voice my opinion, right? I anticipate a political breath of fresh air - a different tact - a more gentle way of interaction.


If you are into Nestabilities, have I got something for you! There is a website, Cut@Home, that sells them. If you sign up for their newsletter, each month, you get a 40% off coupon code which is applicable to one item each month. I've been buying the four packs of Nesties and taking the 40% off! When I say four pack, I mean, for example, large rectangles plain, large rectangles scalloped, and the next smaller size of rectangles in plain and scalloped edges. You can use them in your Cuttlebug. Just remember to get the tan mat, too. There are two mats in each package. Your 40% off coupon code may also work for the single sets. I'm not sure, though. I have 3 four packs making 12 complete sets of Nesties. That little coupon code is perfect!

My printer died. We sent it back to HP for repairs. They called and stated that they are returning it to us for burial. I'm thinking a good Irish wake or maybe a New Orleans style tribute is due. That little printer was the little printer that could. It was soooooo good and sooooooo reliable. I loved how my prints always turned out beautifully. Now, I'm lost. I haven't scrapped in a week. I'm in the dumps. I don't even want to scrap. I have a big printer that prints on 12 x 12 papers, but the quality of the photos is stinky compared to the now departed one. I've been spoiled.

Below are the last photos HP printed before he went to Printer Heaven. Out of desperation, I made some cards. Here they are for you to view. Enjoy!


For this card, I rolled the background image using a stamp wheel. I water colored the little girl, pumpkins, and ground. I added some glitter to the bat's wings and the tummy of the little sweetie. I love these stamps!


On this card, the gold paper is a bright, clear gold. I added a little piece of sheer ribbon for her hair bow. Again, I used water colors to color the picture.


The last card looks very, very vivid. I'm not sure, in real life, the colors are this harsh looking, but if I look at each component, the colors are right on.


Baby Boo

Oh, this was way back when I was young, had good eyes, and thick hair. Time has taken its toll! I liked showing the two photos of DS - one where he was crying, and the next, after he got his bippy! I think he was too hot. LOL I made most of my costume using gold Christmas tree tinsel stitched to the neck, hem, sleeve cuffs. The dress was yellow satin. I also had openings in the back where the elastic for my beautiful wings threaded through. I was a fairy princess with crown and wand. I made a little pair of ears and a hat for DS. He was also wearing yellow fleece jammies. He looked like a fuzzy stuffed animal. He was just two months old. *sigh*


My Honey

This is my sweetie. We're coming up on our 33 anniversary. I get so sad sometimes. We're getting older. My health isn't what I'd like it to be. DH has longevity in his genes. I know he'll marry after I'm gone. That just makes me soooooo sad. I'm selfish. I don't want to ever share him. OK- back to the LO - I added some gold foil CS to each corner to add a bit of sparkle. The title strips are fabric and attached with little screw brads.


Sweet Fall Memories

I wasn't sure how this LO was going to turn out. I knew I wanted to step out of my comfort zone by braving orange and blue. I'm not sure I like the result, but it is bright! The leaves in the upper left have a touch of foil in the leaves' veins. It's also hard to see, but I stitched around the inner and outer circumferences of the circle to add some texture and draw the eye to the center. Each year, in the center of town, the Chamber of Commerce (I think) sets up this gorgeous display of pumpkins. It's quite large and in an uncovered covered wagon as well as all around it on the ground. It's there just for photo shoots and visual enjoyment. Of course, it's an annual event to take photos of DH. The title is glittery. It was gold until I colored it with ink so that it wouldn't clash.

Well, I'm going to see if my clothing budget is $150,000 for the next little bit. I need to make sure I can toss in a couple of Manolos and Jimmy Choo's. Oh wait, that's the clothing allowance the RNC provided for the VP candidate - forgetting that is against the RNC's own guidelines to provide a clothing allowance!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grumble* Someday, I should share how I feel, LOL!!!

I've seen women like this before. I had her pegged after the first interview. There are those that walk among us that will walk on us, no matter what it takes, to get where they want to be - even if it means casting your integrity to the wind. "She" is an insult to the female gender - a manipulator (remember the winks). She's found it worked before. Six years, five colleges later, a BS degree, LOL. She can't complete an extemporaneous thought! When she speaks off the script, her thoughts are disjunctive (I think that's the right word - they don't connect). ! If she's given a speech, she can "parrot" that perfectly, but don't dare ask her a question that deviates from the appointed, rehearsed, prepared speech. You know it's coming! She gets this vacuous look and makes a feeble attempt to "snow" whomever is interviewing her. This is not the last of You-Know-Who. She'll never go away. Americans have short memories and will not remember her inability to intellectualize let alone complete a coherent sentence. She's smart enough to learn to talk the talk for the next time around. Sadly, this isn't the kind of smart a leader needs to flaunt. Her intelligence needs to be intrinsic. A piece of advice to Ms. Palin - during those long, dark, Alaskan nights - PICK UP A BOOK AND READ!!!!!

Welcome to the blog to no where, LOL

Have a good one!


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Kerry said...

Well, your HP did a good job before he/she left for a better place. I especially liked the blue and orange one, I am into "bright". Loved the edging, was this with a fiskars edge and corner punch? I do envy you Americans' your Halloween festivities, great photo ops for cute kids. Lots of sweets (candy, to you) too, need I say more? Mmmm.
Don't know too much about your presidential election process but that Palin woman does seem to open her mouth and then stuff her foot right in it. Her gaffs even make it to our news!!LOL.