Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History Was Made Tonight

My heart has been so touched by the speech I just witnessed by President-Elect, Barack Obama. I have witnessed the passing of the baton that is so American - the peaceful election of a new administration. I am humbled. The speech that was just given was of such a high caliber and given by a man that belongs to a select few - FDR, Abraham Lincoln, JFK. This is a moment in history that speaks of greatness. How lucky for the young generation that this is THEIR generation and THEIR President just as I was a part of the JFK generation. I am in awe tonight as I was when Kennedy was elected.

As I looked at the crowds shown on the TV screen, I loved seeing the diversity of America - MY AMERICA. I pray that President-Elect Obama will be blessed with the knowledge to get us back on the right track. I pray that his inspiration will spread to each and every one of us.

In my lifetime, which hasn't been all that long, I have seen blacks going to different schools, sitting at the back of a bus, drinking from appointed water fountains, unable to go into some public places. Slowly. over the years, those barriers came down. This - this is a moment in time that is historical and I have been witness to it.

What I saw in the faces of those gathered to hear this man speak were the faces of hope - a lifting of spirits that have been down for such a long time. People, knowingly or unknowingly, feeling the pressures of the past eight years were feeling their burden lifted with the promise that together, we can make change for the better. So many who have felt generations of being "held back," that there was no future, because of race, were finally witnessing something this nation holds true - that ANYONE can be president. We were reminded that WE are the United States of American - each and every one of us - a collective group.

God bless the United States.



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