Tuesday, May 12, 2009

With Love to Our Dearest Daughter-in-Law

A treasure was given to us
The day you became part of our son’s life.
You became a wonderful part of our lives, too.

It is so amazing to me that two people
Manage to find each other
In the huge world in which we live
Your parents did it, as did we.

You are, dearest one, the person
With whom we have entrusted the
Love and care of our treasured child.

Thank you for so many things -
your patience, your caring ways,
your sense of adventure,
and the love you have
for the man our son has become.

Thank you for your beautiful spirit,
A mind that thirsts for knowledge,
And for just being you!

With love,

Mom and Dad #2




DDIL said...


Annita said...

STUNNING... that's all I am gonna say... wow too ;-)

Anonymous said...

you're both very lucky to have each other....not to mention your DH's :)