Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Visiting Teaching Message, April, 2010

Thank you so much for stopping by! I am so glad that you did!

After giving this much thought, I wanted to let you know that I am considering no longer posting my Visiting Teaching ideas. So many of you have visited over the past few months. Thank you. If you would like me to continue posting my ideas, please leave a comment below indicating that you would like me to continue posting. I would like to know if I am helping anyone. If I don't receive enough comments, I'll have my answer, huh? LOL

I finally broke down and went to the doctor's. I just wasn't getting better! I'd have a good day and then spend two more days in bed! DH had to drag me there! We found that my primary infection caused several secondary ones which is why I wasn't on the mend with what appeared to be only a chest cold. Ugh! After a battery of meds and cough medication w/ codeine, I finally got my body settled down. I'm still coughing, but not like before. I cannot remember being sick for so long!

I have some goodies to share. Your VT appointment dates will come faster than you think! Maybe there is something below that you will be able to use. Please drag the images to your desk top. Because of the size restrictions, the photos aren't the best. Please feel free to contact me if you need more info.

April's objective was to remind us that we have the ability to receive and seek personal revelation. It's interesting. When I was contemplating joining the Church, I was very cautious. Each Sunday, as I prepared for Sacrament Meeting, I would have a specific question in mind. I prayerfully asked that I would have my question answered. I began to notice that the answers WERE being given to me each and every time during Sacrament Meeting! The questions I had were very specific, so as I was listening to the speakers, I was astounded each time the answer was given while embedded in a talk. The questions and answers were not the general type that one might hear during a Sunday service. I do have a strong testimony as to this gift.


This is what I will be giving my gals this month. The bucket has drainage holes in the bottom and there are seed packets for Basil and Chamomile for the sisters to plant. There are also, some seed packets that I created as well as sweet little seeds to help convey the lesson's message.


This is a quote that I read and loved! It really struck a note with me, so I decided to include it with the visuals.

There are two types of seed packets below. I wanted to create an analogy between having and not having personal revelation. The first seed packet has no identifications listed on the front. Therefore, someone would not know what they are planting. Along with that, they wouldn't know how to plant the seeds. The little seeds inside are also blank. The second seed packet does have the information. Therefore, the gardener would know the specifics for sucessfully planting the seeds within. The seeds are labeled with the four steps to help us achieve our goal. Score along the black lines and cut where the green meets the white. My packets are approximately 4 x 5. Fold the large flap first followed by the small one on the side and bottom. Glue into place.





Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your visits. Please leave a comment if you would like me to continue posting my ideas. If I do not receive enough comments, I will save myself some work and omit these particular blog entries.



Jamiecrafts said...

ok will you just be my VT? I love your ideas and would love to recieve messages like this. They are very clever Chris, YOU ROCK!

LDSANGEL said...

Kia ora from New Zealand. I am so sad to hear you will be withdrawing your ideas. I have been blessed, and the homes I visit have been blessed by you - we don't even know you personally but through using your ideas, I have been able to reach out and bless the lives of sisters in my care. I am not very crafty and have appreciated the ideas you shared. Look after yourself.

twinsand2boys said...

Chris, you know I love seeing your ideas. I hope enough will comment so you will keep doing it. I do understand it being lots of work...hopefully more will show their appreciation for all your hard work to prepare these. :]

Dennison4Ever said...

I just found your blog and LOVE your ideas! Thank you so much for sharing!

Happy being LDS said...

Chris, what talent you have. I just came across your blog and I'm sad that I may not get to see more of your wonderful ideas. I am the visiting teaching coordinator in my ward and I'm always looking for new and unique ideas to share with the sisters I visit teach. I would love it if you continued. I am not a talented person and so I have to rely on people as wonderful as you who are willing to give of their time and share their talents with us. Thank you so much for your April handout. My sisters will love it.

Unknown said...

Hi there

Please please don't quit as I love your ideas and we don't get too many wonderful ideas for VT handouts here in wet n wild England. Keep on creating your delightful and beautiful ideas... I would be so lost without them. You have helped me sooo much in delivering the message each month. Hugs
Rosey Posey xx

Gail said...

Very cute ideas!

De Anne said...

Oh, I so hope you will continue. I have just found you and I need you so. Your ideas are amazing!

Anonymous said...

love your ideas. thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting these. Yes, people use them :) Hope you will feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, please keep posting!