Monday, November 19, 2007

3 Days and Counting

I've already started preparing for our Thanksgiving feast. I've learned to NOT do it all on Thanksgiving. I used to drive myself crazy trying to get it all done. So, I do something every day prior to the holiday. My potatoes are peeled, diced, and soaking in water. My yams have been baked. I'll assemble the yam casserole today so that all I'll have to do is bake it. The celery and onions have been sauteed and ready to go into the stuffing. The pies are ordered. I made the cranberry sauce already (with some blueberries added to the mix) and that is in the fridge ready to go. Why didn't I think of doing this so many years ago? I've been doing it this way for about the last 10 years. What a lifesaver!

My baby is still hanging in there. Saturday, I resolved myself to the fact that I would have her put to sleep on Sunday. Well, yesterday, she stood up, purred, walked around, came out into the family room and sat in front of the fireplace. I force fed her yogurt in the morning and she kept it down. Then, last night, I fed her Gerber turkey baby food which she also kept down. DH got a 5CC syringe at the drug store. It worked so perfectly and Purrna didn't fight me at all. She thought she heard me cracking crab shells (it was me breaking celery stalks) and came out to see. I offered her some crab which she sniffed and walked away. I can't put her down. She's not in pain. She's old. Maybe she had a stroke. Maybe her kidneys are giving out. I'm doing the best I can.

I did the LO below using the Prima Paintables line of PP. I had to keep tears from falling on the paper and messing up my watercoloring! I did use regular watercolors and brush with this LO. What fun! Don't be intimidated by this paper. Remember, you can use colored pencils, watercolor pencils, chalk, paint, whatever art medium you like.

There is a wonderful product called Glimmer Mist made by Tattered Angels. You could even paint using the mist and a brush. The bottles are pricey so having a huge supply is out of the question for me. I only have four bottles. I do love the effect it gives.

Here's the LO:

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Pam said...

Oh Chris your pages are beautiful! I love them! I'm so sorry to hear about your furbaby! I am sending you lots of strength and hugs for when you have to make that awful decision. We just had to put our almost 16 yo dog down and it was terrible!

Morgan said...

Gorgeous! I'm really hoping your kitty is ok, I hate that you have to go through this...

Alison said...

This is just amazingly beautiful!!