Sunday, November 4, 2007

Too Pooped to Pucker!

I am completely exhausted. It isn't even five o'clock yet and I'm thinking about getting a shower and going to bed! So much for that extra hour of sleep they "say" we get, NOT! I was up at 5 AM and on the go since then. Now, I am winding down making the transition from human to blob.

I wanted to show you a really neat little trick. Mind you, mine isn't the world's best example, but think of the possibilities!
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These are part of the alphas made by Lil Davis. I wanted them to look a bit interesting by adding texture. I traced each alpha on a piece of cardstock and glued it to the back of the black letter. Then, I added glue to the inner area of the alpha. Lastly, I packed each inner area with tiny white beads. I kept having difficulty with the tiny beads sticking to my fingers because they had glue on them. The piercer was a handy tool. Think of the color schemes and other interesting things you could glue to the alpha centers!

Here is the LO on which I used the alphas:

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This is a silly photo DH took on Halloween. I had on my spider hat. You can see the orange legs, but not much more. It's a cute hat!

Lastly, here is another LO I did this weekend. It's funny, I can't remember two days ago and yet, both DH and I remembered the exact date we took this photo. It was at the Mono Lake overlook on the road above Lee Vining, CA. Why did we remember it? Who knows! LOL

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Nick @ 12

Well, I'm off for a bit. Leave a comment and on Sunday, Nov. 11, I'll have DH draw a name! That name will get a RAK from me! You can't lose!

Have a great week, all!


Kevin said...

Fun LO's Chris! Love how what you did did with the alpha's. That's so awesome where you took that picture - cute!

Kevin said...

Ha:) that's me - Lauren! Posting on dh's account.

Alison said...

Chris I'm seriously amazed at all the stuff you come up with! I don't have the patience to do stuff like the glue & beads. Man if I did I wonder if I could make stuff as cute as you?! ;) That photo of you with the spider hat is adorable!!

Morgan said...

That hat is awesome! The letters turned out really neat, I'm going to have to try that with my chipboard, I'm always looking for new things!

Lora3677 said...

HEY!!! It's a layout with a picture of YOU!!!! AWESOME!!!!

Laura S. said...

This is the idea with the beads.
Super stuff!

Nicole said...

I think I am gonna have to buy me some of those letters now. They turned out great!