Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hail to the Chief

Well, there has been a political change today. Needless to say, it is a ripple that has circled the globe! What an historic event! I don't think there was this much enthusiasm in Presidential transfers since John F. Kennedy - and even that wasn't as monumental as this! I do remember that feeling of elation, though. Even as a teenager, I embraced Kennedy as the new leader of my country. I also have those same feelings today. I have to tell you, I also had a feeling of relief as President Obama took the Oath of Office. I pray that there will be blessings of wise decisions, intuitiveness, and support bestowed on this young President. Only time will tell. His speech radiated the importance of self responsibility. I believe that if you take ownership of something, you commit to work towards whatever that goal is. Today is a new day under new leadership.

I did scrap today's event. While others on my primary message board felt that it wasn't a priority to scrap, I did feel that it was. I wanted to document today. This election taught us that elections matter and votes do count. We saw that even in a dark time, we, the people, seek leadership. And, for the first time in the history of this country, the color of a man's skin was not a barrier. So, through the photo of this man, a copy of his speech, and my journaling, I have documented this moment in my history. I am proud that I have done that for someone, at some time years and years from now, who was not here to see this moment occur. Here is my LO. President Obama's speech is attached to the back of the page (treated with Archival Mist).


A Witness to History

I've done three layouts for Happy Scrappin'. I was really into Doodlebug products this month! I'd pick up paper that I liked, planned the LO, turned over the paper to list the product and found that I repeatedly picked out Doodlebug all three times! Here they are:


A Father's Love

This has to be one of my favorite photos of DH and DS! I just love it! I wanted to do something different so I rounded the corners on the PP. Now, for those of you who are not spatially challenged as I am, this was a real pill! I needed to make sure the curvature on each corner was as closely the same as possible. The trouble came in when I cut the PP into smaller sizes and still needed to maintain the curve. DH often asks, "You had trouble in Geometry, didn't you?" I just smile. Some of you probably have a better way of doing stuff like this. I tend to do things the hard way. *sigh*


Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

This LO started out to be black and white. I quickly realized that I needed some color and red is always great with black and white. I made the flowers on the right using matching papers from the Doodlebug line found in the heart and the red on the mat. The word "Love" was silver metal. I used Staz-On to color it black. The "leaves" on the stems are 3 metal Making Memories words (love, adore, sweetheart). The chipboard hearts are all glittery and the key in the lower left is made from black and clear crystals to add some sparkle. I had fun. The title words come from a song done in 1945! It works for Valentine's Day, right? LOL


Sweets for My Sweet

Doodlebug again! I wanted to do a monochromatic LO and the brown paper was so much fun to use. I got to use up a ton of flowers, too! To add some sparkle, I placed some tiny crystal stars that are in shades of brown here and there on the LO.

Thank you for stopping by. I really love that you took the time to visit and hope that you will come back again! Your visits are important to me.




Kerry said...

Great layouts as usual Chris, the brown one is my favourite. Please put up the new president one, I would love to see it. Let's hope he can set not just America, but the world economies right. As they say when America sneezes, the whole world catches a cold.

Kerry said...

Thanks for putting that up the President layout, loved the colour theme, very patriotic!!