Wednesday, January 28, 2009

With Love to Our Son and Daughter-In-Law

Dearest Ones,

We are so proud of the huge leap the two of you have taken. You are approaching a new level of responsibility. Scary, isn't it? Despite all the hassles the two of you have had regarding your huge purchase, YOU DID IT! Your dad and I are so happy for you! May your home be a place of love, respite, and happiness.

Because you finally sent photos, I had something to scrap! Here are some layouts I did for your albums. I hope you like them!

I can't wait to see your new home after you've worked on it a bit. I see white shutters, flower boxes under windows, awnings, a beautiful garden by the edge of your porch filled with flowers of every color and height. Your home has so much potential. A white picket fence would look so cute, but who would want to keep painting it after the northwest storms take their toll? LOL


Welcome to your First Home

This layout captures all the characteristics of the Pacific Northwest and your home. I chose lots of trees because there are forests! There are birds, a rabbit, and an owl because of the wildlife found there. Your old skeleton key represents the age of your home. The clouds represent your cloudy skies.There is a little snail because I bet you'll have them in your flower beds! I blurred your street name for privacy, but the stickers I used are replicas of old typewriter keys.


Home Tweet Home

I love the fact that the two of you take short trips - it's so good to get away and enjoy camping. Dearest DIL, you are such a good sport! Thank you! Here, I've scrapped a photo you took at Trees of Mystery in Klamath, CA. Great photo! There are some glittery elements that you cannot see in the photo,but they are there. I've added some bling to the semicircle scalloped edge. Keep the photos coming!


Cherish These Moments

I so fell in love with the photo you sent on this LO! I loved the blues and greys. Of course, I immediately knew what papers to use! You made my choice so easy! The scroll at the top is made of wood. The color matches the inner angle of the photo corner. The circle in the lower left is a pewter "eyelet" that has a raised surface. There is journaling on the strips so you can remember this day. I love both of you!



This layout is of your dad on his 60th birthday! Isn't he handsome? He doesn't look 60! I wish both of you the years of happiness your dad and I have had.


True Love

This is another LO of your dad and I on his birthday. We had such a good time but missed you both dearly! You know dad and I. By the time dessert came, we had everyone in the room singing along with the wait staff. It became a party! One of the diners took this photo for us! I had gotten this mask a while ago and just didn't know what to do with it until we were on our way home. Dad stopped at a sporting goods store and I stayed in the car. While there, one of Dad's favorite songs came on the radio.He loves the lyrics to the song. I'm thinking that it was Ann Murray who did the rendition I was listening to. I knew right then and there the title of the LO and how to use the musical mask!


Grow Old Along With Me

This last layout is of the snowstorm that happened just before your Christmas arrival. It was snowing when Dad took this photo of the house. It was so beautiful outside with the Christmas lights on the roof of the house blinking in the snow. I have some rusted brown metal snowflakes which I used on this LO. You can see them if you look closely. They are larger than those printed on the brown snowflake paper.


A Blanket of White

Thank you, everyone for stopping by and reading along as I give my loved ones a huge cyber hug! I hope you will come back soon! Your visits mean the world to me!



Kerry said...

You have been scrapping up a storm, haven't you? My fav's are Blanket of White (would love some snow here, we are sweltering in temps of 43c(108f)) and the one of your husband. How exciting for your DS and DDIL to get their first house, I still remember when my husband and I got our first one, sitting there in the empty house, no furniture except for a bed and a hand me down sofa but just so happy. Good luck to them both

Annita said...

I am so inlove with all of these new layouts. one is more perfect then the other.
I will give to kudos for the Key picture/ page FANTASTIC idea and page !
you did it again my friend !!

HUGS Annita