Monday, October 29, 2007


Good morning, I think!

My eyes are really tired this morning. I spent the weekend at a cybercrop - "at" being a relative term - and created a few new layouts. I have to tell you, I'll never win anything at one of these events due to the fact that I am just too darn slow!!! LOL I don't stand a chance when I take hours just to make one layout! I ask myself, "Why do I do this?" Well, I've concluded that the answer is that it gets me thinking about new ways of completing a challenge. A couple of crops ago, I decided that going for the prize isn't a motivator for me. The crops with point systems tend to undermine quality work over quantity work. I see that as a major waste of good cardstock! LOL The crops with random draws are much more fair. So, note to self - participate just for the joy of participating!

One of the challenges at the cybercrop this weekend was to create a photoless LO. I loved this concept. I've done it before, and did it by creating a structure with paper sculpting and then adding 2/3 page of computer generated journaling. I decided to participate in the challenge and to take a stab at doing something vintage looking. I've never done a a layout with a vintage feel. I'm not sure I accomplished it. I do like my layout, though. The PP is beautiful. Sadly, the photo doesn't allow you to see the details like the pearls on the butterfly, the heart locket that opens, etc.Thank you Nathalie, for catching the misspelling in the title. I corrected the original. Phew! I appreciate your telling me. *blush* Here it is:

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Reflections of Me

Well, what do you think? Does it look vintage? The center is supposed to be a mirror. Anyone viewing the page will have their own image instead of a photo! I'm so clever sometimes. LOL I used a piece of cardstock that has a silver reflective layer. This layout took me about five hours to make. Pretty much most of the time was spent playing with different embellies just to get the ones that looked the best.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a good one!


Alison said...

I definitely think this looks vintage! It is gorgeous! I'm not a speedy scrapper either! I value quality over quantity too!

Lauren said...

I think so too - vintage:) I don't think I've ever done a LO without a photo - might need to try that!

twinsand2boys said...

Chris Im so much like takes me a long time to make a layout so I dont often participate in crops...I have never won anything at the ones I have participated in. I agree that the quality goes down when the prize is big and its points. I hope you got some layouts done that you like though...then you accomplished something for you.