Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Great Blue Heron!

This lovely feathery friend decided to scare the padoodle out of my sweet husband. He was sitting in his chair when this monster flew overhead - looking like a pterodactyl! DH jumped up from his chair and threw me in front of the window. This gorgeous bird landed on the rooftop of the house just below ours on the next street. They are about 4' high and have a 6 foot wingspan! I wondered where his mate was because he waited and waited for about 20 minutea. None came. :o( We immediately grabbed the cameras and started shooting. This LO is to make sure we don't forget that these animals stop in the area to rest while migrating. I chose these three photos because I loved the colors of the feathers and the position of the head. After he rested, he flew toward the river. Maybe his mate was there already calling for him. I liked the "fish eye" look of the three photos. TFL!

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DH was such a good guy on Monday that I took him to the pumpkin patch to be my child substitute while I shot photos! LOL The passersby were wondering why two adults were there climbing all over the display taking photos. Usually, it's children and scrapping grandmas and moms! Here are some of the shots I got. I just had fun with the LO (maybe a bit too much fun, LOL). The line of ghosts at the bottom are puffy and satin. I based the LO on them. TFL!

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Have a good one!


Raechelle Bellus said...

cute layouts! I think the story about how you got the pumpking pics is great!

Kim said...

You've been tagged! Just go to my blog for the rules! : ) said...

great job Chris :)

Unknown said...

Oh my - I would've screamed - but great photos and layouts!