Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Hijinks

I have to share what just happened. It's hilarious.

How to tell if your elementary school aged children will grow up to be entrepreneurs.

DH and I have been just roaring over what just happened. Apparently, two enterprising fourth or fifth graders, walking home after school, decided that it might be worthwhile to trick or treat on their way home! Dressed in their school attire and still carrying their backpacks, they rang the bell and cheerfully said, in unison, "Trick or Treat!" (Mind you, it was only 3 PM).

DH cracked up and said, "Go away! It's too early! Come back tonight." He was laughing at them and they were laughing back. Then, DH asked, "Do your moms know you're trick or treating now?" Both boys, and I LOVE this, honestly responded, "No."

These two munchkins figured out that they'd hit our house (maybe because the front looks kid friendly) or all the houses before the rest of the herd gets out. Then again, maybe they figured come back for seconds after dark!

Is that funny or what? LOL I love it!

Happy Halloween!


ellen s. said...

LOL! those kids get craftier and craftier, don't they???

Alison said...

That's really cute!!