Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Love of My Life

Soulmate, spiritual, best friend, confidant, funny, loving, gentle... Oh, I could go on and on describing the love of my life. He's the kind of person most people love. Those that don't see him as a smart aleck! He is. This man has put up with me for 33 years! I think anyone else would have high tailed it out of here, LONG ago! The Lord knew I needed someone VERY tolerant, and so He sent me this wonderful man. I did this LO just for him today. The journaling is written on the blue strands. The circular strands don't look blue, but they are. The PP used is MME Bohemia. If you know the PP, then you know that it is a very light turquoise. The word, "He," isn't as green as it shows in the photo. If we can do LOs entitled "She," then we can do LOs entitled "He!"

Have a good one!

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Lauren M. said...

Sweet LO Chris!

Laura S. said...

This is fabulous. I love that you so appreciate your husband. I feel the same way about mine.


Alison said...

What a beautiful tribute to your sweetheart!