Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Free to a Good Home...

scrapbook paper! Want some? It's not the newest, but it's pretty, LOL. Just leave a comment for me that you'd like some! Also, if you and I are on the same sites, you can also PM me. I like comments, though..... *giggle* The amount of paper I have is just tooo much! I keep using it, but it's not going down! I have enough Halloween PP to fill a page protector box. No CS, just PP! If you have a preference of holiday or color, let me know that, too! Now, keep in mind that it's free - so you can't complain!!! LOL If you live outside the US, that's fine, too! How about we do this until 10/31, OK? Speak up or forever hold your peace!!!

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My Halloween Honey

This is a LO I did yesterday. The stitching is w/ green embroidery floss, but it doesn't look bright green. It's the last of the photos I'm scrapping of DH and last Monday's visit to the pumpkin patch, LOL. I need little kids to scrap!!! My DH is such a good sport. We WILL go to the pumpkin patch and you WILL let me take your photo!!

I've got a great lesson planned for Wednesday 10/24. I hope you will stop by and pick up another Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle strategy!

If you know what I need to do to make the photos on the blog get bigger when you click on them, I'd love to know. I just experimented and discovered that you go to Photobucket if you click on the image. It doesn't get bigger. Help! LOL
Have a good one!


Morgan said...

Love the slide show, is that new? The layout is great too, like the angle of all the photos! Still thinking about the PP, I've got a lot too but it's tempting... I'll let you know!

Alison said...

Chris this really is an adorable layout! I so wish we lived closer so you could teach me! You are a very talented scrapbooker!! I love all of those papers but feel that it wouldn't be fair to beg for them because I just got the COOLEST EVER RAK in the mail from YOU!! You are way toooo generous and I'm so loving that I was the lucky recipient of your generosity!!
About the photo sizing... When I scan mine I don't reduce the size by much and then when I load it onto blogger and people click on the photo they can see a larger version. Does that help? I've never used photobucket in conjunction with blogger but I have used it to post on websites.

Lauren M. said...

This LO is too cute! Love the spider paper and the picture with all the pumpkins. Makes me wish I lived close to a pumpkin patch! I'd love some patterned paper;) but I'm with Alison. It would be so much more fun if we could get together for a class or two - you're a fantastic scrapper!

Aida Haron, Singapore said...

Hi there,

I'm here from Singapore after you left a comment on the Made With Love message board.

Love the Halloween LO ! Aida

I'm here ~ http://www.xanga.com/antique_chik

Audrey said...

Love your layouts Chris! -Audrey