Saturday, October 20, 2007

One Thinks & One Doesn't

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This LO concept came to me last night while in bed. I almost got up to do it for fear I would forget by this morning! There are the two feline units that share our home. Can you tell which one is the smart one? LOL Both are the sweetest cats we have ever seen! They are so loving, POLITE, gentle, and, I think, have a sense of humor! Is that possible? They are 15 year old brother and sister Himmies who purr the second you look at them.

Each day w/ Purrna is a gift. She was given only weeks to live - 2 years ago! We can't have flowers or bows around because she will take them. She actually will pull them off packages and play with them. The shinier the better. Same thing with flowers. She will remove them from the vase w/out toppling the vase! She loves watching birds & butterflies from the window. She has an amazing vocabulary. There are words we have to spell because the second she hears them, she gets extremely verbal and pushy (crab and shrimp are two we MUST spell). Whenever her appetite starts to wane, we pull out the shellfish to get her going again.

Now, the boy is all rough and tumble. He prefers to race through the house and go "People Bowling" - trying to make us trip or, even better, fall. He loves to run across your feet or between your legs while walking. He tiptoes on the bed to see if we are asleep or awake. He knows his name - not many other words. He...well, he loves to stare into space or sleep. He is the litter box excavator. For him, it's a fun pasttime (ick).

If you look at the LO, you can see which of the two has more thoughts going on, LOL. I wouldn't give up either one. I hope, if there is a Heaven, that our "babies" - all of the ones we've ever had - will be there, too.

Have a good one!

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OPEC's Best Friend said...

That might be the cutest layout I've ever seen.

katydid said...

This is Adorable and such fun personalities they have!!!

Morgan said...

OMG, this is TOO cute! My kitty Kira (she died this summer due to that nasty food recall), she used to pull bows of packages too! Thanks for the happy memory of my sweetheart!

Alison said...

Chris this is soooo funny!! I love that you have to spell certain words so that Purrna doesn't catch on! Cute page! What are the baby food jars for?

Chris said...

Ali, don't laugh - they eat baby food, LOL. Every morning, they split a jar. They have dry food in their bowl at all times. We knew that the baby food would be more pure than cat food, and after that pet food scare this summer, I'm so glad that we feed them that.

As far as spelling C-R-A-B and S-H-R-I-M-P, if we don't, Purrna is terrible! She gets mouthy and pushy because she wants it NOW! She seems to think that we think what she thinks. She decides she wants fish and will lead DH to the door to the garage where the freezer is. She knows that's where it comes from. Should we bring some in all by ourselves without her "help," she will come out from wherever she is sleeping and start whining. She can smell it in the packaging - frozen! It's kept her alive, though. She is thriving so nicely.

Think they're spoiled? LOL, LOL, LOL!!!

The bear represents their toy. They will sleep on it and hug it while sleeping. Go figure. LOL

I'm so glad each of you has stopped by!



Alison said...

You know after that food recall I can totally understand why you'd want to find something else to feed them. What do they like? My little girl is loving sweet potatoes, applesauce and well...basically anything I give her these days.